How to Protect Your House from Flea and Tick Infestation

By: Tony Green

Fleas and ticks are a real menace. They make the lives of your pets miserable and they carry diseases that can harm animals and humans. These pests don't deserve a place in your house. Here are a few tips to protect your home from infestation of these nasty insects:

1. Regular Grooming.

The very first thing you need to do to prevent flea infestation is to see to it that your pets are clean. Bathe them regularly and apply anti-flea and tick shampoo to kill any flea or tick that your pet may have. Employ flea combs to effectively remove insects that may be hiding in their fur. The best way to catch these pests is when your pet canine or feline is wet. Most small insects are paralyzed by water and soap or shampoo. But these insects may only be trying to look dead. Place them in a container laced with detergent to make sure they're dead. Dispose of them in a place where they can no longer come back.

2. Regular Vacuuming.

Effectively eliminate fleas and ticks from areas where they can possibly hide and multiply. These places include carpets, crevices floors, furniture, and your basement if you have one. Vacuuming removes fleas, flea eggs and dust. This can help to keep your home accessories dust and flea-free. Just be sure to put them in a container laced with alcohol or detergent to have them killed and flushed in the toilet.

3. Steam Cleaning

Pet and family beddings where your dogs or cats have access to are potential hiding places of fleas. Be sure to clean them regularly by having them steam-cleaned. This will ensure that all fleas on every stage of development don't stand a chance to survive. You should also be sure to make your pets clean and free from pests before you replace the beddings and allow your pets to have access to these accessories. This is to make sure that no fleas remain to breed. Fleas can lay up 800 eggs in a single batch.

4. Keeping Pets Indoors

Pets that are kept indoors rarely get a chance to catch fleas. But this should not prevent you from taking them outside for walks, exercise, or do bathroom duties. Keeping pets well-exercised is equally important as keeping them clean and free from pests.

5. Maintaining Tick-Free Surroundings

Your own backyard will become a favorite breeding ground for ticks if you allow it. One way to prevent this is to control the growth of shrubs and vegetation in play areas. Grasses, Fallen dry leaves, and brush are ideal hiding places of insects. Don't allow these to accumulate around your home.

6. Keeping Aerosol Insecticides Handy.

Vaporizer insecticides are your best and immediate defense against flea or tick invasion. You can eliminate fleas and ticks at their very first sign of attack by using pet-friendly aerosol insect killers. These are available in any veterinary shops near you.

These are some of the ways to keep your home and surroundings flea and tick proof. For most effective results, you may consult your friendly veterinarian.

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