How to Prevent Pink Eye

By: Emily Hernandez

You love color pink but you will certainly not love to have pink eye. Also known as conjunctivitis, pink eye is a very common eye concern. It is the soreness of conjunctiva, which is located at the outermost eye layer and inner eyelid surface. You may have pink eye should you suffer from the following warning signs: swelling of the white of the eye, itching and redness of the eyelids, lots of tearing and others. Consult with your eye specialist in Arizona if you suspect that you have conjunctivitis. To prevent or at least reduce the worsening of your condition, you may think about the following:

1. You, as well as the rest of your loved ones, should wash hands as often as possible, particularly when in school or other public places. Use soap and warm water.

2. Keep a small bottle of hand disinfectant in your bag so you can easily clean your hands when there is no place for you to wash your hands.

3. Some items are meant for your personal use; do not share them with anyone to avoid spread of pink eye. These comprise of washcloths, bath towels, handkerchiefs and eye makeup.

4. Swim with goggles on. This will help you safeguard your eyes from microorganisms that may be found in the water.

5. Use vacuum to clean some home items like carpet to prevent contact with allergens. Likewise, keep your windows at home closed if you know that you are highly in contact with allergens.

6. Do not swim, make use of a hot tub or have a shower without removing your lenses first. You may capture bacteria inside them.

7. Remember to be careful when you have pink eye. As much as possible, do not dare to use the personal pieces of other individuals. Do not mingle with your co-workers, friends, neighbors and others to prevent the possibility of spreading the disease. Your eye specialist in Arizona may suggest that you stay in your bedroom; it is the best thing that you can do. You may be able to find your normal life again after treatment.

8. If you are looking after someone with pink eye, be sure you wash your hands carefully and frequently. Properly discard the things that you use to clean the eyes of somebody with conjunctiva.

9. Do not wash the towels and linens of the person with this eye condition along with the rest of the soiled pieces of the rest of the family. Wash them in very hot water separately.

10. Wear glasses to protect your eyes from cold, wind and heat. Use safety glasses if your job involves that you deal with chemicals.

You may consider applying cold or warm compress in your eyes. However, if you have concern about allergy, you may go for cold pack. If conjunctivitis is caused by an infection, choose warm or moist compress. To make sure, visit your eye specialist in Arizona immediately. You may have an underlying situation with your pink eye.

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