How to Prevent Acne from Appearing

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Acne is an affection that occurs in most of the teenagers and should be properly treated so that the affected person could regain its confidence back and live normally. In order to avoid Acne from spreading or to prevent it from reappearing teenagers should follow some tips.

First of all those who have problems with Acne should be careful what face cleanser they use. It is best to avoid alcohol lotions or any soap based cleansers that might dry your skin too much. Most of the teenagers think that if they use a lotion that dries their skin the pimples will not appear any more. This is a solution only for the moment as the sebaceous glands in the skin will be stimulated by the dryness on the skin and will produce more and more sebum that will end up clogging pores again. Instead of using products that dry your skin try using gentle oil free and soap free cleansers. Most of all are found as face washing gels or creams.

In winter it is perfectly normal to use a cream for the face skin, but avoid using a fat cream, just use a cold cream. Nowadays the cosmetic industry has perfected itself and can offer care products for Acne skin. You can find there creams that will protect you skin against wind, rain and cold but it will also protect is against Acne.

Sun is good for the Acne skin but not between 10 am and 4 pm. Take a sun bath in the morning for half an hour or before sunset. The sun is not just going to cover up the spots Acne has given you but it will also heal your skin faster.

When buying a sun protection cream read what it is written on the label of the product. If it contains PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) then do not buy it as it might clog up your pores and make Acne worse.

Avoid sweating too much or spending too much time in a wet environment as skin problems might get worse and Acne can appear.

Also, alimentary supplements that contain iodine should be moderately taken as they might cause pimples. There are some supplements you can use to prevent Acne from coming back: vitamin A supplements. You can find vitamin A in carrots, eggs, spinach and squash butternut.

If a pimple has appeared on the face apply tea tree oil on it once or twice a day with a cotton wool. This way you will prevent it from spreading to other skin areas and you will control its healing.

Avoid the contact of your hair with the face, especially if you have an oily hair. Also keep your hand away from the face as you can bring germs to it and then pimples will form. If you like using hair gel or mousse and you have little pimples on the forehead do not use the hair products for a few weeks and see if there is any change in the aspect on your face skin.

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