How to Let More Light Into Your Home

By: Reuben Vega

If you want to make your home seem hugely more modern, clean, spacious and attractive then there is one thing you need to do Ė increase the amount of light coming in. This is something that can make a huge difference to your property and that will be much more profound than you might expect, but itís something that many homeowners will overlook. Adding more light to your home means instantly making it look bigger and cleaner, and at the same time it will help to improve your mood and make all the colours look more vibrant. Here then are some quick tips to help you get more light in your rooms.

Clean the Windows

If you think about it, your windows are the only part of your property that can affect how it looks from both the inside and the outside, so itís worth keeping these as clean as possible and that way youíll let in more light and so have a brighter front room. Obviously getting the professionals to do this will result in a better job than if you try and do it yourself too.

Remove the Netting

Many people will have net curtains underneath their main curtains and will leave these constantly closed for privacy. Privacy is all very good and well, but try drawing them back and seeing just how much brighter and better everything looks. Might it not be worth keeping it this way?

Get Better Lights

Obviously your windows are the only way you can get light into your rooms Ė and if you have lamps around the room this will help too. Make sure they create bright light that doesnít feel too artificial and make sure you have plenty of smaller ones dotted around.

Go Open Plan

Some rooms of course will always have more light in them than others, but if you use an open plan design then itís possible to share this light throughout the house. Even if you donít want to go fully open plan, you can enjoy some of the same benefits by just using glass doors between your rooms.

Use Mirrors

Obviously you can only have windows on walls that point outside, but if you want to double up then you can do so easily by putting a mirror on the opposite wall to reflect more of the light back. This is also a great way to make your rooms look much bigger.


Dark colours are dark because they absorb more of the light wave when the light shines on them. If you want to enjoy a brighter room then, you should use light colours so that they might reflect more light back into the room. Paint your walls white and beige and you will really open the space up.


If you have lots of clutter then this fills your visual field and makes the area look busier and so less tidy. At the same time this can make the room look darker, whereas if you keep a minimal design youíll expose more of those light walls and so create the feeling of more space.

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