How to Land Computer Programmer Jobs

By: Taranjit

If you work in the computer programming field, you know that competition for jobs can sometimes be fierce. It can be hard looking for your dream job knowing that many other applicants are looking for the same thing. However, doing a few simple things can dramatically increase your chances of getting the computer programmer job that you want.

Upgrade your education

If it has been a while since you graduated from your degree program in computer science, it may be time to take a refresher course or two. Many employers are looking for programmers who are proficient in new programming tools such as Java and C++. If you donít have solid training in tools such as these, now may be the time to get some training.

You may also wish to get certified in a new computer programming language. This demonstrates to employers that you are competent in a language, and can give you an advantage over the competition. Check into certification if you havenít done so recently.

Another way to boost your chances of being hired is to take courses in business. These types of courses help you learn how to work directly with customers and can be very beneficial if you are looking to land a management position in computer programming.

Clean up your resume and cover letter

When is the last time you looked at your resume? Now is the time to make sure your resume has been updated with your most recent work experience and add any new programming languages and tools that you are proficient in. If your resume looks dated, take time to update the look and feel of your resume. Have someone else look it over as well and get good feedback on your resume.

A good cover letter is also essential to getting computer programmer jobs. Make sure to customize your cover letter to each specific job you apply to. Your cover letter should highlight your relevant experience and training.

Be proactive

It is vital to be proactive in todayís market. Donít wait for job opportunities to come to you. Seek them out. Be bold and donít be shy about letting potential employers know why they should hire you.

Job seeking can be tough and discouraging, but it doesnít have to be. You can beat out the competition by following the above tips for making yourself stand out. Potential employers will see your outstanding training and skills and it wonít be long before you are working in the job of your dreams.

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