How to Keep Your Teeth Clean with Braces

By: Vilma C.

Cleaning your teeth can be very tough with your braces on. The wires, as well as the elastics, make it extremely hard for you to brush and floss your teeth. Plaques start to build up; you are frightened that soon you may suffer from tooth decay. What should you do? You may look at the techniques below and more important you need to talk to your dentist in Austin TX.

1. Practice perseverance when brushing, specifically because you will have to do it one tooth at a time. This plan will help you to clean your teeth thoroughly. Use the toothbrush softly. The bristles may be stuck between wires and brackets if you brush fast and you may feel discomfort. You may also hurt your gum. Stay for about 10 seconds on every tooth and gum line.

2. Clean your teeth after every meal. Some food portions may be trapped in between your teeth. You do not want to be embarrassed because of these. It is better to have regular trips to the bathroom or wash area than to be seen with food particles on your teeth. If you cannot possibly brush them each time, you can at least rinse your mouth. Make sure to check your teeth at the mirror prior to getting out.

3. Visit your dentist in Austin TX in accordance with the treatment plan he designed for you. He will not only check on the alignment of your teeth. He will also make sure that your teeth are free of bacteria and decay. Do not skip any visit or plaque will buildup in your teeth.

4. Any regular toothbrush could work for your wired teeth. However, you may use toothbrush distinct for your needs like proxy brush. It is a form of toothbrush that can push bacteria and food particles out of the gum area.

5. You might need to delay your plan of using whitening toothpaste while you are wearing your braces. The color of the area of each tooth where the brackets are attached will not be as white as the others. If you plan to have your teeth whitened, go through this dental procedure after the brackets are eliminated.

6. Place the floss under the arch wire and between every tooth. Floss underneath the gum line then remove it. Do the same strategy with the other teeth. Remember to use the clean part of the floss for each tooth. At first endeavor, this may take you 15 minutes to complete but with everyday practice, you will get faster and you will be more excellent working on it.

Nobody can deny that flossing and brushing teeth with braces are a burden. This is besides the discomfort you feel with metal brackets rubbing up against your lips. It is for these reasons you should be ready if you choose to have wired braces on your teeth. Anyway, you can do some things to make cleaning simpler for you. Some of them are mentioned previously. You may also ask your dentist in Austin TX for more detailed recommendations.

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