How to Hit a Low Golf Shot Under Trees

By: Jim O Connell

One of many wonderful factors of golf will be the number of uncommon situations we cope with throughout just one round of golf, and the greater quantity of tools we could apply to get out of the sticky situations with a smallest amount of damage might be the difference of five or six, or perhaps more, golf strokes in our handicap. One of those problematic situations we regularly come across is when we need to punch a low golf shot beneath trees.

There is going to always be a few ways to rescue yourself from this state of affairs, and at times the careful way, to simply get the ball back in the fairway, will be the most effective way. Based on how the golf ball lies, where other hazards can be found, as well as just how much room under the tree you have to work with, occasionally it is better to give in and go the prudent route. But to hit the low golf shot under trees, or as its termed the punch shot, can at times get you out of trouble without sacrificing yardage.

My initial thought concerning how to hit a low shot under trees, and this goes contrary to what many people suppose, is never to position the golf ball closer to your back foot to your stance. It's correct you are going to deloft the golf club, and positioning the golf ball back will achieve that, however you furthermore need to put little or no backspin on the golf ball. You'll create backspin as you hit the golf ball on the downward arch, which is what you'll do when the golf ball is back in the stance. Instead, so that you can hit a low golf shot under trees, do this:

1. Over club by at least two. You are going to be using a less than full golf swing, so you would like a less lofty club and therefore less height with the golf ball.

2. Position the ball within the middle of the stance.

3. Choke down on your club, only a small amount.

4. Flatten the swing, bringing your club back low and do not hinge your wrists.

5. Maintain your hands in advance of your ball at contact, giving you a delofted club head.

6. Conclude with your club head low and once more not hinging your wrists.

7. Swing slow as well as smooth, thinking only about making solid impact on the golf ball.

I refer to it as a "punch shot", as to me I have the sensation of simply punching the ball low, making sure it never gets far above the ground, and then getting distance from the roll. As I pointed out previously, the quality of the lie is going to establish if I attempt the golf shot. If I am unable to get my whole clubface to the golf ball, it is too risky to attempt. Also, if ever the area where I am trying to get roll from is exceptionally soaked and will not yield much roll, the danger/reward with the golf shot could be too high.

A very good little driving range exercise is to prop up your golf bag roughly four or five feet before you, then try to punch range balls through the legs and under the bag. If you keep hitting the bag, cut down on the speed of your golf swing. Under the correct conditions, this is a handy golf shot to have on the golf course. No matter what your level of play, there are going to be occasions when it will be advantageous to know how to hit a low shot below trees.

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These Golf Swing Tips are just additional tools to turn adverse situations into favorable ones. Read more about Golf Swing Basics on our website. Sean O'Kelly is a writer and avid golfer living in London.

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