How to Get a Credit Report For Free

By: J.J. Yong

It is a basic necessity for all of us to have a credit report. Many of us assume that it cost a lot to obtain one hence they put aside the importance of it and not bother to get one which could result in a job loss, property loss or a rejected loan application. Today's world is tough and the economy crisis often leads us to lenders to help us get through bills and for some, tuition as well. All this would be made easier with a credit report; maybe it's about time you realize that you can get it for free.

As an American citizen, it is your basic right to obtain a free credit report annually from three of the biggest and most reliable companies of the United States. This would be Equifax, TransUnion and Experian, all of which are required to provide consumers a free script of their credit records upon request at no charge once a year. Of course there are other companies which would let you view your reports more than once a year but that comes with a fee which can be quite a burden if you are not well financially.

The reports can be sent automatically with no grace period through three different methods. The first would be online. As technology takes over, know what spam is and what isn't by going to the sites provided rather than using your search engine to look for it. Go to which is an authorized and protected web page for consumers to access their reports online for free. You would need to fill up a couple of forms when starting up so make sure you have got all the information you need.

The second method of gaining your report would be over the phone by calling them at the number provided in the telephone directory and on the website as well. The agent would be able to tell you over the phone of your credit status and have a copy emailed to you or sent to you via snail mail if you wish.

The third method would be the old school way of postage. Fill up the form on the back of the brochures provided everywhere and send it out to the address given on the brochure, website and newspapers as well. If you can't get a brochure, it can be ordered or printed out from the Federal Trade Commission.

A credit report is important, if you don't have one already, get a free one today.

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