How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

By: Alex Nardstrom

Bed bugs were not a problem many years ago when DDT was still in use. Nowadays, since many powerful insecticides have been banned, bed bugs are making a strong come back.
International travel has also inflated the problem. Now that more countries that have bed bug problems are traveling to the ones that do not, bed bugs are spreading like wildfire. Even what seems like clean and luxurious hotels are experiencing issues with bed bugs.
Bed bugs hide just about anywhere they want, as long as they can not be found. Some examples of hiding places are in your clothes, on your mattress, in between cracks of your walls, and under your furniture.
Right before dawn, the bed bugs come out to feed on your blood. They inject a chemical into your body so that you will not feel anything when they suck out your blood.
To kill bed bugs and get rid of them once and for all from your home, you have to find each and every last one of them. By leaving just one behind, the bed bugs will repopulate quickly in your residence.
Bed bugs usually hide in the mattress. So in order to kill bed bugs, you can get a plastic mattress cover and encase your entire mattress inside. This keeps the bed bugs from coming out at night. Hence, the bed bugs die of starvation. Be aware that you have to keep the cover on for many months because the bed bugs can go without food for just as long.
After killing the bed bugs on your mattress, look elsewhere around your room. Any place that seems like a good hiding spot you should check it out.
If you do not feel that you are proficient in finding and killing bed bugs, you may need to hire a professional exterminator. Exterminators know exactly where to look to find bed bugs and have power insecticides that can kill them.

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Alex Nardstrom has been an exterminator for a decade. Using his knowledge in killing bed bugs, he has created a website which helps people kill bed bugs at home. For more information on bed bugs, please visit his website.

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