How to Get Rid Of Those Ugly Under Eye Wrinkles?

By: Christy Smith

A lot of people suffer from eye or under eye wrinkles. This is because of both age and tiredness. This article will tell you what to do to avoid or eliminate these wrinkles.

Under eye wrinkles are not only annoying, theyre also rather damaging to ones self-esteem. The worst part is that theres really not much you can do to prevent these wrinkles or eliminate the. This article discusses the few things that can be done.

Get some sleep. This is the most important thing you can do, really. Were often running chronically short of sleep, what with work and leisure and family and friends. So try to take at least one day a week to go to bed early. Do whatever you need to, but make sure you can sleep for ten or twelve hours undisturbed.

Drink a lot of water. Try to drink as much as you can. This does not include coffee, tea, alcohol, or soda--these are diuretics and will actually dehydrate you. Adding lemon or limejuice, and ice, to your water can help revitalize your skin.

Put cucumber slices on your eyes. We all know that putting cucumber slices on closed eyes can help reduce wrinkles and feel refreshed. This is actually pretty effective, especially if you want to look good for a date or just to go out for a while. It is not, however, a full-time remedy. But, if you want a quick-fix, try lying down with cucumber slices over your eyes, for about twenty minutes, before applying make-up. This really helps you look better.

Stop smoking and/or drinking. Smoking, as well as other pollutants, has adverse effects on the chemical balance of your hair and skin. Alcohol has a similar effect, too. So, if you smoke and/or drink, youre likely to get wrinkles earlier than those who dont indulge in either of these activities. Limiting, or, better still quitting, one or both, will improve your skin, and will definitely help you hold wrinkles at bay. The overall health benefits are obvious and well known.

Buy under eye wrinkle creams. If you already have under eye wrinkles, there are several natural eye creams you could use to help reduce your wrinkles. There are some products that have such safe ingredients that you can actually eat them. I am being entirely serious--you may dislike the taste, but thats different issue. These are the creams you should look for, as these are the ones thatll actually be able to help you. There are products that can help you reduce your under-eye wrinkles. But you have to look carefully. Its not about how the under-eye wrinkle cream is packaged. Its certainly not about which celebrity or famous model is the spokesperson. It is not even about the rave reviews and/or testimonials the under-eye wrinkle cream gets. Its all about which ingredients are included and excluded.

So, now that you know, you can follow the advice given in this article, and easily get rid of all your under eye wrinkles.

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