How to Get From A to C without Stopping at B for Fuel

By: Solomon Bullock

Unfortunately, energy crisis is a problem that hasn't been dealt with yet. Until we can run our cars and motorcycles on water, we have to depend on fossil fuels to power our motor vehicles. Forget about the environment, the main concern regarding fuel is price. People don't mind a hole in the ozone layer, as long as they don't have to deal with a hole in their pocket. They'd be ready to club a baby seal to death if it meant a free gallon of fuel. If fuel wasn't so damn expensive, people would be riding their motorcycles all day long. Here are a few ways in which you can improve your bike's mileage, so you don't have to club any seals to death.

Keep Your Engine like You Keep Your Soul

The easiest way to improve your bike's mileage is to have the engine running efficiently. If your engine doesn't function like a tired old man with asthma, it'll be less likely to drink fuel like water. Hire a professional mechanic to work on your engine, not some amateur who works part time. Carburetors should be finely tuned to ensure maximum mileage. The air and fuel ratio is also important for engine efficiency.

Rocket Fuel

To save on fuel, you'll have to invest in it. Filling your tank with cheap fuel will cost you in the long run. Impurities found in substandard fuel can damage your engine, which in turn can affect your mileage. Be wary of gas station employees who try to pass off substandard fuel as something exotic. You'll end up paying more for something that's worth less than moose piss. Fuel is your motorcycle's diet, so keep it rich, keep it fresh and keep it healthy. We repeat, do not buy moose piss.

Ride It, Don't Drag It

You know how you're not supposed to drag your feet while walking. In the same way, your tires aren't supposed to be dragged along the road. Maintaining an optimal pressure in your tires prevents friction. Friction while riding is one of the main causes of fuel inefficiency. It is also responsible for the wear and tear of your tires. Hence, maintaining the right tire pressure can not only save you money on fuel, but also on tire replacements. Even F1 cars change their tires during the race to avoid friction.
Leave the Rash Riding To the Pros

All of the above precautions don't mean squat, unless you ride responsibly. The sound of your engine revving up is also the sound of your fuel efficiency going down. Have the common sense to turn off your engine while you're stuck in traffic. There's nowhere you can go unless you have flubber in your motorcycle. If you're not in a hurry to stop, let go of your throttle instead of slamming the breaks. This'll bring your motorcycle to a gradual stop and improve your mileage. Shifting gears at the right RPM, and being in the right gear at the right speed, will also help your cause.

Fossil fuel is a non renewable source of energy, so stop wasting it. Do us all a favor and abide by the steps mentioned above to improve your bike's mileage. Your fuel guzzling ride is wasting petrol meant for all of us.

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