How to Get Back with an Ex-Boyfriend

By: Katherine Strauss

When it comes to figuring out how to get back with an ex boyfriend, we get so carried away with what to do that we dont even consider the things that we should NOT do! There are things that should be avoided when trying to get back with an ex boyfriend, yet in our heartbroken and sometimes desperate rage, we end up doing all of those things and only ruining our chances of success at patching things up. Here are a few things to remember:
Resist the urge to wallow in break-up rituals. Things like playing songs that remind us of our ex and even spying on him to test who he is with. We are going regularly in our minds what we may have done differently or what we revealed which will have caused the passing of the relationship. This type of behavior is virtually automatic as our emotions are running the show, but being miserable is not going to get your ex boyfriend back, so stop making things worse!
Do not beg and plead. This will definitely not get you back with an ex boyfriend but rather make him bolt in the other direction. Desperation is so NOT sexy! We often apologize for everything, promise to change all the bad to good and try to convince him that we are the best thing for him. All this boils down to a waste in energy and ends up making us look pathetic. As harsh as it may sound you are wasting your time. Men just arent as emotionally inclined as woman and there is nothing you can do about it.
Rather than stressing only about what steps to get back with your ex boyfriend, maybe you should listen carefully to what he has said about the relationship and improve your actions where reasonably possible. It takes two to tango " you probably werent perfect in the relationship either so a little tweaking may go a long way.
People change when long term relationships are formed. Think back to how you were when he first met you and try to incorporate some of that into your life today. Memories are extremely powerful. Subtly remind him of some of the good times and laugh about them together.
Often bad feelings and discussions can cloud over the happy times. Perhaps it is time to get out that cute low-cut number you were wearing the day you met!
Carefully watch and pay attention to his replies to your refined pokes in the right direction. If they are positive, turn up the heat a little and you should be well on your way in getting back your ex!

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