How to Find Authentic, Discount Gucci Bags

By: Smruti Evans

It is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish authentic Gucci handbags from the fakes, in part due to the fact that there are fewer distinguishing factors of authenticity. Fake Gucci purses and handbags are many times so good that one needs an authentic bag for comparison.
Protect yourself! It is easy to find discount Gucci bags that are actually authentic. Continue reading below for some general characteristics for comparison, and also some specific tactics that Gucci counterfeiters will use.
Telltale Signs of Counterfeit Gucci Purses
1) A sure sign (and one that's all-too-common) is an incorrect emblem on the front of the bag. Things to watch out for are incorrect font sizes and letter spacing, (both as they relate to each other and to the entire tag), misspelled words, and capitalization mistakes. They do happen!
2) On monogrammed bags, look at the G's. You're looking for overall shape and symbol clarity. Fakes can have fatter letters that begin to run like old tattoos.
3) Look at the durability of the materials. Like most Italian handbags, Gucci uses only the highest quality leather, fabric, and hardware in their items. Any items with chipped, distressed, or flimsy-looking components are probably fake.
4) Look at the overall craftsmanship of the purse. Stitching should be tight, clean, and even.
5) Many ads for counterfeits will still have the word "authentic" somewhere, but almost ALL authentic ads will contain the word authentic. If "authentic" is missing, walk away.
6) For Gucci wallets, the stripes MUST BE red and blue on a blue "GG" wallet, NOT green and red; and the type must be clean and straight, not bleeding or crooked.
7) The handbag handles on some counterfeits might appear much thinner and longer than authentic Gucci bags.
8) Satchel bags come in brown and blue logo vinyl, trimmed with complementary leather. They will always have a twill racing stripe somewhere on the bag. Either down the middle and up the back, or as ribbons on each end of the handles. There will be a red and green stripe on the brown Gucci Accessory Collection bags and a blue and red stripe on the navy blue doctor bags in the G.A. Collection.
Keep in mind: If it looks too good to be true, it is. But you can still find fashion handbags wholesale by connecting directly with sellers. Just know how to spot the fakes and always buy with your credit card!

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