How to Find Auctions With Low Bids Using Misspellings

By: Gen Wright

Everyday, savvy online entrepreneurs are saving lots of money by buying products and services at bargain prices. How do they do so? They are many ways to save money when making purchases online. For example, you can try going to a price comparison website to find the best bargains.

One of the most effective method to save money is to bid on an auction. The way an auction works allows you to walk away with your dream item without having to pay full price. But you must know how to use the auction system to your advantage. For instance, it is possible to get into a bidding war with a competitor and end up paying way over the retail price for a particular item. You are there to save money, not to spend more money. So don't get into bidding wars with others.

What you are looking for are precious items with few competitors. The less competition you face, the more likely you are to win the auction at an incredibly low price. There are many stories about how regular folks manage to save hundreds to even thousands of dollars just by bidding for auctions, and winning! So how do you find auctions with very little or even zero competition?

Regular bidders discovered very quickly that when they make a search for an item, and the search phrase contains a misspelling, they sometimes end up on auctions that very few people know about. That is because the product title, description or keywords may have been misspelled and these auctions fail to emerge in the search results. In other words, because of the misspellings, it's harder for people to find the items.

That is bad news for the seller, but good news for the buyer. With lesser people bidding for those items, the bid prices will remain low and you are more likely to emerge as the winner and walk away with the item at a low price.

There are literally thousands of items that are for sale on auction sites. Sellers post misspelled items all the time. Commonly misspelled words include names. Think of all the items that you can find online with names on them. Designer clothing, sports products, celebrity items, etc. They all have names in them - sports personalities, foreign celebrities and so on. That is why it is easy to misspell a product name. Some names are foreign and difficult to remember.

You may then use a free misspelling search engine to help you locate these items. A typo search engine will generate misspellings for your search keywords. If you are searching for "laptop", the search engine will generate keywords such as "aaptop, laaptop" and others. You will then be presented with a list of items on the auction site. Simply browse through the list and pick up the best deals that you see.

The misspelling search engine is simple enough to use. It works like an ordinary search engines, except that it's sole function is to regurgitate misspellings of the keyword phrase. If you are a savvy net user, you can also use the advanced search feature to streamline your search and make it more effective.

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