How to Enjoy a Timeshare

By: Jerry Work

Timeshares have gotten a bad rap over the years because of one thing: greed. The timeshare concept itself is innocent. Rather than paying a high price to outright own a property in a desirable vacation spot, you only buy a slice of it – generally, the right to use it one week per year. However, greed has corrupted the situation. MOST of the greed lies with those who sell the timeshares, but a little bit falls on the purchasers themselves.

One of the main selling points that timeshare salesmen use is to state that the timeshare will go up in value. They paint it as an investment. In most cases, this is an outright lie. For one thing, the price you pay for your share of the property is likely to be greatly inflated due to sales expenses or anything else the timeshare company can think of. On top of that, most timeshares decrease in value as they get older, not the other way around. So the timeshare purchaser is paying up to 40% over the original value for something that is going to go down in value over time. Not exactly a winning investment formula.

But that's where greed on the purchaser's part comes in. With just a little bit of research (such as by reading articles like this one), a timeshare purchaser can be perfectly aware of the poor investment quality of timeshares. Instead, they let themselves be warmed by the lovely vision of owning part of a vacation property which will they will sell for a profit at some point. It rarely works out that way.

So if timeshares are such a bad investment, is there any reason to own one? Of course! For the joy of it! Timeshares give you access to a very nice home that is all yours for a certain time each year. There is no need to worry about a hotel. You've already got your own little slice of heaven waiting for you. It helps, of course, if you really like where the timeshare is located and want to go there every year. However, many timeshare owners successfully trade their timeshares with others. In other words, someone else will stay in your timeshare for a week, and you go and stay in theirs for a week.

So that is how you enjoy a timeshare. You enjoy it purely for the vacation aspect, and the possibility of trading it out for week long stays at other locations. But whatever you do, do NOT look at your timeshare as a fiscally sound investment. Most likely, it is not.

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