How to Easily Increase the ROI on Your Networking

By: Daegan Smith

Networking is all about making new connections: creating a web of friends and acquaintances by meeting new people, introducing yourself, and allowing your friendship to benefit you both, intellectually, economically, and, if you are lucky, financially. Networking is important to everyone, whether they are involved in making a business work, marketing a product, or even simply finding a job.

The art of networking, however, is not as easy to learn and master.

Networking requires a rich investment of time, money, and effort – the return on this investment, or ROI, is brought about by making the right connections in the right places, and is rooted in following well-outlined goals.

Networking will not only allow you to make more friends. It can get the word out on what services you can contribute. It can also expand your business to even more clients. But just how many calling cards can you give out before you finally see a great ROI? How many conferences do you have to attend before your ROI spells big profits? How much more money can you afford to shell out before your ROI puts the cash back into your pocket?

How can you easily increase your ROI from networking?

To be able to easily increase your networking ROI, you have to know what you want.

Ask yourself these questions: why am I networking? Am I making sure that my business stays stable? Do I want more people to know about my product or service? Do I want more people to buy my product or avail of my services? Am I in between jobs and need to find a better deal than the last one? Do I want a job that will allow me to earn money easily on the side, even with my present, demanding job?

Any good venture will end great if you start it right. Know why you are networking, and focus on your goal. Focusing on your goal will ensure that whatever strategy you will use in networking, you will reach what you aim for.

Remember that networking means making yourself or your product credible to more and more new people every time. This, however, does not mean sacrificing quantity over quality. It may sound clichι and obvious, but this is still a common mistake made by those who are more desperate than sensible in easily increasing their ROI.

First, do not preach to the choir. When networking, chat briefly with friends to sustain your connections, but approach new people and make new connections as well. It will be uncomfortable at first – in any gathering, anyone will gravitate towards people they know. But as you keep on networking, you will find it easier to collect new acquaintances and widen your network.

Second, make the right connections. Are you a writer with a new novel to promote? Then why are you talking to that printing press owner in that publishers' party? It may be fun to talk about the best kind of paper for a book – and let's admit it, having connections with printing presses might help you out in the future – but spend more time with someone who can help you promote your book. Approach a fellow writer or columnist who writes reviews for newspapers or magazines. Chat with a publicity specialist who might be able to help you market your book better, or connect you with a more adept colleague.

In other words, talk to the right people – those who are in your target market or group, and those you don't know yet.

Meeting and networking with the right people also means that you have to be present at the right events. Are you a web designer looking for a new designing gig? Then why are you at a web design conference? You might be able to pick up talk on job openings from your peers – and let's admit it, collaborations might earn you some money if they succeed – but try to attend a conference or symposium where companies who need web designers are present.

Go to the right events – to gatherings where people will need you.

You know what you want, you see the people you need, and you grace the right events with your presence. Keep networking, but keep looking back to monitor your results. If you can, keep a diary of people you meet, where you met them, and if they were able to help you meet your objectives. Knowing how far you have gone will allow you to first, know how fast you are reaching your goal; second, give you clues as to what you need to improve to get even more people interested in what you have to say; and third, see what ground you have not covered yet.

Lastly, never, ever give up. Networking can be tiring, but a return on one's investment can be had if an equal investment of oneself is made.

Good luck, and happy networking!

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