How to Deal With Your Fear of Flying

By: Sandy Davenport

Nearly everyone who has flown has felt the fear of flying to some magnitude. Some find it no more than an inconvenience; a bit troubling, but nothing to worry about.
But others encounter symptoms affecting both body and mind that range from merely agitated to pure terror. There are many practical techniques to overcome the fear of flying. What will be effective for you may depend on where you fall on the scale.
Fear of flying symptoms often mirror the symptoms of other things that happen when flying. Knowing this can help a person who has mild fear of flying overcome their anxiety more quickly. What usually happens is that a person experiences a symptom and assumes it is caused by their fear rather than some other reason. Then, they get more and more agitated until major panic sets in. If the passenger can recognize this cycle early on, they can stop it in its tracks and prevail over their fear.
One example is this. Unstable air pressure in the plan can give many passengers inner ear problems, which result in a number of possible symptoms including prickly ears and skin, loss of orientation, nausea, and dizziness. A passenger with mild fear of flying may experience these symptoms and attribute them to the their fear, as many are also caused by anxiety. And this misunderstanding can trigger even greater fears and anxiety.
Another example is this. Sitting for long stretched of time in the cramped airplane seats can result in muscular pain, joint pain, and tingling from lack of blood flow. Again, these are all signs of panic or severe anxiety attacks. And so, the person who experiences these discomforts may mistake them as a stronger fear of flying.
Clearly, there are those whose fear of flying is more significant than the mild fear described here. For those folks, mere recognition that the physical symptoms could be coming from other sources thank the fear of flying may not be enough. But for some, this awareness is the first line of defense in combating their fears for good.

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