How to Create and Sell Smoking Hot Info Products Every Week - Part 1

By: Gen Wright

As creator of 50 + info products in various Niche Markets and owner of 3 membership site I can tell you there is no secret but you ought to know a few things.

First you must have quick access to a ready source of in demand product ideas.

The easiest way to do this is to create your own idea bank. Now how do you go about creating that?


Create a folder in your drive and name it 'idea bank'.

Spend 30 minutes every day for a week in heavy traffic forum related to your niche. Take note about the questions being asked repeatedly. Note them down

At end of your 30 min session, spend about 15 minutes to brainstorm the possible product ideas.

For example - Can you create a FAQ type of Report or perhaps a How to video course based on the questions you have noted? What about a resource directory?

Also take note of the advertisement being served at the forum or special offers that are going on for the forum members. Can you create a better, advanced version of the product that is being advertised? Or perhaps create a product in another format?

For example if you are frequenting a marketing forum and see reports being sold about the latest hot topic 'twitter', can you make a product on same topic but present it in another format, perhaps video?

For niches other than marketing, I also recommend you take note of questions being asked in site like yahoo answers and brainstorm a few minutes like I mentioned above.

Do this exercise everyday for 30 minutes. You will have enough idea in your idea bank to come up with one after another hot products in your Niche.

So the first problem is now solved. If you follow my advice you will soon have enough idea to work on.

But some people have a different problem.

They have pretty good ideas but their ideas never see light due to lack of implementation.

So how do you go about creating and launching hot products one after another to bring in multiple source of income.

As I said before, there's no secret. But for rapid product creation you have to master a system and remain focused on the job in your hand.

My system to create fast products depends on few tools I have built over time. I will talk about these tools in the second part of the article. Once you have the tools handy, it's just a matter of organizing the information in a particular pattern.

I've written about the Part 2 of the article - "System and Tools to Create and sell Smoking Hot Info products every week" Just follow the link below to read and implement the process.

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Visit the link How to Create and Sell Smoking Hot Info products every week - Part 2 for rest of the guide.

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