How to Conceive a Boy - Diet Can Play a Part

By: SamanthaAdams

There is nothing at all wrong with a couple wanting to have a baby boy rather than a girl. For these couples they may feel some guilt for wanting this but it is perfectly normal. Luckily for such couples there are certain things that can be done that don't need them to rely on medical intervention to achieve their dreams and to help when it comes to how to conceive a boy.

In fact what many couples do not realize is that there is a far greater chance of them having a boy rather than a girl. There is a 51% chance of a couple when trying to have a child will have boy rather than a girl. Although there is nothing really a couple can do which will make sure that the child they conceive is a boy there are certain methods that can improve their chances.

Some women believe that if they make their partner drink coffee prior to making love they improve the chances of having a boy because it helps to increase the speed at which the sperm carrying the male gene (Y chromosome) travels. If it is moving faster than sperm carrying the female gene (X chromosome) the chances of it reaching the egg first to fertilize it is also increased.

Another way it is believed that there are ways for a couple to improve the chances of having a son rather than a daughter is for the woman to make changes to her diet. There is a belief that eating more red meat, salty food and drinking plenty of soda improves the couples of chances. But it is important that the changes the woman does make to her diet are ones which her body can deal with.

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