How to Choose the Right Psychotherapist for You

By: Leroy Thomas

Psychotherapy can be highly advantageous not only for those who are mentally ill but also for those who are simply not as happy as they would like to be. How effective psychotherapy is for an individual however depends upon both the quality of the psychotherapist chosen and how well said psychotherapist meets the specific needs of the individual patient.

While finding the right psychotherapist for you can take a little bit of time, successfully doing so can work wonders for both your mental health and your general well being. While a single article could not hope to explain just what makes a specific psychotherapist right for a specific patient, I will now outline the five things to consider when you first start your search.


Recommendations can be highly beneficial when it comes to choosing the best psychotherapist for you and they should therefore be where you start your search. Your general practitioner can often be an excellent source of such recommendations. You can also search online for reviews of various psychotherapists in your area. While psychotherapists obviously cannot discuss their patients, patients are often more than happy to discuss online the quality of the service offered by various psychotherapists.


Experience can count for a lot when it comes to how effective a particular psychotherapist can be when it comes to helping you. You should not only try to establish how much general experience a psychotherapist has but also how much specific experience he/she has in helping people who have experienced similar issues to those that you are experiencing.

Up to Date Knowledge

The world of psychotherapy is prone to constant advancement and it is important that the psychotherapist that you choose is up to date in his/her field. You should therefore look for a psychotherapist that either publishes research papers or, in the very least, attends annual psychotherapy seminars.

How You Connect

A large part of how effective a particular psychotherapist will be in helping you is based upon how well the two of you connect. It is for this reason that most psychotherapists recommend a single trial session before beginning treatment. While having such sessions with a few different psychotherapists can seem rather time consuming, doing so can ensure that you find one that you find it very easy to open up to. And finding such a psychotherapist can prove invaluable in the long run.


Finally, many psychotherapists charge on what is known as a sliding scale. This basically means that they are willing to charge a lower rate for patients that do not make as much money as others. It is important to consider the amount of money that each psychotherapist you research is intending on charging you. Not only can the rates vary drastically but said rates are not always accurate representations of how much a particular psychotherapist can help you. It is also important to remember that spending money that you cannot afford on psychotherapy is unlikely to help your sense of well being regardless of how talented the particular psychotherapist is.

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