How to Choose the Right Equestrian Horse Riding Footwear

By: Gen Wright

The term equestrian may sound alien to those who do not ride horses. This is a Latin term that is used to refer to a member of the Equestrian Order. This is one of the highest order in ancient Rome. Today, this term is loosely used to refer to anyone who rides a horse. It is common to see terms such as equestrian footwear, equestrian clothing, equestrian stables and so on - all of which are related to horse riding.

Choosing the right horse riding footwear is similar to choosing any other types of footwear. The first thing you should be clear of, is to know the type of horse riding activity that you will be participating in.

For example, if you are going for casual horse riding, you can choose low cut horse riding boots. These boots are easier to wear, and are more loose fitting. They are more comfortable to wear, assuming that there won't be any vigorous movements during casual horse riding sessions.

If you are going for mountain horse riding, you are going to need tougher footwear. In this case, it may be a better idea to choose high cut mountain boots. These boots are usually made from treated leather. They are built to resist dirt, water and mud. So you can expect them to be more durable.

For special events such as horse riding shows or horse riding tournaments, there are special boots. The type of boots that you choose for a horse riding show depends very much on the overall style of the show. If it's an English style show, then you should be wearing English style boots. English horse riding boots are known to fit snugly.

If you are taking part in a Western horse racing event, you may want to wear western style boots. These boots are usually mid calf, and they do not fit as snugly as English style boots.

As you can see, there are basically three categories of horse riding boots you can choose from. There are low cut boots for casual riding, mid calf boots for Western style riding, and knee length boots for English style riding. The important here is to remember that ultimately your choice of horse riding boots depend very much on your personal preference. That means you should choose footwear that you feel the most comfortable in.

Comfort should always be the first priority. That shouldn't be a major concern because most equestrian footwear these days are very comfortable to wear as they are made from stretchable materials such as rubber and leather. The longer you wear these boots, the more comfortable they become.

In addition, modern horse riding footwear these days also look very fashionable, especially the low cut ones. So when choosing the ideal pair of horse riding boots, remember to choose something that you really like. Perhaps that will make your horse riding experiences more enjoyable, as you feel both comfortable and proud to be in your new horse riding boots.

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