How to Choose The Right Skills?

By: yang

I will talk with you specifically about how to promote your own quality in the community.Progress in society,and progress in actual combat in the community, said Beijing university president at the graduation ceremony --- note that it was in terms of graduation, not the opening ceremony.Society is not absolutely fair; and it will not wait for you to grow!It's not care psychological gap between your school and society in a major.
One is to choose the right skills.If you are a rural migrant workers, you need to have this sense that if I engaged in this work, in addition to money, what can I get? I've seen some people who do job in an electronic factory, is to plug one of several electronic components on the board every day.Such work can bring you pay,but the other is so little.Day plant down, you still follow disband.You should have a sense of learning, and have a sense of skills climb.A and B are all the works in the factory,and A is in an electronics factory to do such work,but B is to do an apprentice welding school.Five years later, A is still a factory workers,doing the same work.B has learnt alloy steel welding, with high pass rate,and his salary and status are far more than A.This is the crystal of promising work and study.
Have you understand what I mean?Even if you only do the bottom work, you should try to find something to work and learn with a strong desire. In addition to the lottery, this is your only chance to turn around.
The second is the potential to learn.Many people are less patient,and are always done works in a short time.they are always giving up things in the half way, which is the most taboo practices in the company.Work hard in the units a nd to learn the skills patiently,holding the certificates,and you will find the attitude to you is slowly transformed,because the boss found you are becoming important to him.And at this time when you look at the outside, a larege number of companies are waving to you,and a higher paying job is not the dream.In one day morning,when you wear a suit and politely give a resignation letter to the boss, his face is even worse than you were after an argument with him long time ago.
I believe that as long as you select the right goals, perseverance it, and pay a considerable time with sweat and tears,your will definitely value for money.And as I said, basically all we can do it.

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