How to Build a Buyers List?

By: ab mannan

Well, first of all congratulations! If there was any one thing that you could focus on in your business that would prove to be extremely profitable long term, then this is it. Having a list of email addresses is one thing, but having a list of actual buyers is another. There is something different in the mindset of a person who actually pulls out there credit card and buys something from you compared to a prospect who has never made a purchase. A buyer list will be much more profitable than a prospect list. The reason is simple... It's almost like they feel committed to you or something. That's why a list of 1000 buyers will almost always be more profitable then a list of 10,000 prospects. They have already proven to you that they are willing to spend money, and the other list has not. Now that you know the "why", let me show you how to build a buyers list. When someone opts in to your "free" offer, don't send them straight to the download page. At that exact moment, your prospect is in the action taking mode, and you should make your first offer immediately. Send your free offer in the first email follow up. When they opt in, redirect them to a low ticket offer. The point here is not to make a ton of money off that person immediately. The point is to just make them a customer. You can profit from them on the backend after they prove that they are a buyer. Make your low ticket offer irresistible... The more value you offer someone and the cheaper the price point, the more irresistible it is. Add up the value that you are giving to them and use logic to show them why they would be crazy not to get it right now. A very popular price to start out with is $1. Again, the purpose is to make them a customer. When the prospect pulls out there credit card and makes the purchase, you will need to redirect them to another opt in page. It can say something like, "thanks for your purchase... please verify your details below to get access to the download page". They have already paid, so they will not argue this point. Just make it part of your check out process.Is the buyers list you have built for wholesaling homes failing to deliver? If so why, and what can you do to improve its performance and wholesale more houses faster? Some investors have been complaining that even though they have successfully mastered building a sizable buyers list, few ever end up being true cash buyers that take action. So what's the solution? Some of those on your buyers list may not be serious. Some have great aspirations but fail to follow through. Some are simply not qualified, and others could just be competitors doing some market research. Take this question of why your buyers list isn't working to help in wholesaling homes fast to popular online real estate forums and you'll see plenty of other investors making recommendations for qualifying members of your buyers list. This can include everything from asking more questions up front to requiring proof of funds or mortgage pre-qualification letters, to demanding potential buyers to provide an upfront deposit or open an escrow account. These can all be good ideas, but when simply building a list it may be better to leave it as open as possible. The more people on it - the more visibility for every future deal. Maybe this front line won't be buyers themselves at all, but they can put your deals in front of thousands of others that are. The more visibility; the more bidders and higher potential sales price and profit margins. Of course there is another side to this too. Perhaps the deals that you are offering just aren't that good. Or at least may be they aren't the right fit for the buyers on your list. Do you know what your buyers really want? When was the last time you asked them? The last time you asked for their buying criteria? Of course the real trailblazers in this arena are able to go out and drive trends and create a demand for their product. This takes some strategy and set up, but it isn't impossible.

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