How many tips to cook real Cajun style?

By: Vinod Kumar

Happiness is like a virus, you would never come to know when it gets spread and your smile is seen in some one else's eyes. The event of Mardi Gras is all about spreading that festive smile. While it is considered a special time span of the year down at Cajun Country, you can bring this festivity home quite easily.

Even if you do not reside in New Orleans, celebrating a festival only requires the right spirit. For more details .And in case of the Mardi Gras - the right ingredients. Yes, the essence of this celebration is the food, because Cajun cooking is known all across the world and this festival is all about touching the roots, the traditions and getting back some real Cajun cooking.

Now, to indeed spell the feel of Mardi Gras, plan a grand old meal fitting for King Rex. New Orleans city is known for their party moods and that's where you hit the jackpot. So, now note down the key ingredients - spices and rice.

Actually, people always have a hard time locating the real ingredients required for Cajun recipes. In case you meet a similar kind of problem, remember two key features of this style:

1. Cajun food is very spicy, so has quite many hot sauces in the meal.

2. It consists of a lot of rice.

The reason behind is the same - the social structure in those days. In the olden days when the society was primarily divided in to the main sections like very poor, average and the rich, the riches had the food that the poor ones couldn't even imagine. Those people used a lot of rice. Rice is indispensable in all sorts of dishes ranging from gumbo to red beans. The other variations depend upon the cost and culture. Creole is considered a rather richer choice.

In order to add some taste to this bland food, the poor in olden days used excess of spices. The modern day restaurants that serve Cajun food often tone down the spices to the colloquial tastes. Yet, till date expect the Cajun dishes to be a bit more heated up than the rest. For more details .The Cajun natives naturally then can handle the heat in the food quite well. For this they also have ample quantities of iced tea. The restaurants have iced flowing through the taps to help combat those teensy dishes when they get a bit too hot.

Some known Cajun favorites are listed below:

1. Po boys or Muffalettas

For those who want to go in for some lighter choices the sure names are po boys or muffalettas. Po boys are sandwiches that are some what deceiving in their appearance. These are anyways very filling meals. So as to prepare perfect po boys, one must look out for the perfect bread. Look for it anywhere outside Crescent City. This bread has some unique 'chewiness' that is a part of the real flavor of po boy. It cannot be imitated elsewhere. I've been all around the country and I'm sure of this fact.

2. French Fries

These continue be a part of the all time favorites for the Cajun countries.

3. Fried Sweet Potatoes

Down south, people like to fry almost everything. The recipe of fried sweet potatoes is pretty different and interesting. Its sweetness counteracts the spices of other Cajun favorites.

4. Chicory Coffee

A perfect finish to the Cajun meal is chicory coffee. In case the local coffee shop does not solve the purpose, try surfing through the website of Café du Monde. Just like its known about spices and rice, it is believed that chicory was blended in coffee and was often used as a replacement for coffee being its cheaper substitute. Though today one could go ahead with real coffee and a mere hint of chicory, chicory is rather unique in flavor. For a large segment of people chicory is synonymous for the city all together.

These recipes can easily be located through internet within a click' time. So, all the best for planning your Mardi Gras cooking. Whether you are located in the New Orleans or elsewhere!

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