How electronic power controlling devices can save you money

By: Daniel Higgins

While many new consumer electronics goods are now more energy efficient than ever, older appliances still eat up a lot of electricity. But this level of electricity usage can now be controlled thanks to electronic power controlling devices.

By continuously controlling the amount of electricity supplied to the motor within your appliance, these devices can match the power supplied to the motor to the load on the motor, making it operate far more efficiently.

1. Supplying your motor with only the amount of power that it needs and no more means that your motor will operate at maximum efficiency, and will run cooler too. This way less electricity is used, and it can also help to extend the life of the motor contained within appliances such as fan ovens and fridges.

2. In the majority of modern appliances, that is those produced later than 1990, the motor built in to your appliance should closely match the load already, so a power-controlling device may well not be needed. But on certain products, especially those produced before or around this date, the devices can be very beneficial.

3. With older appliances, the larger the size of the motor, the more power it is likely to use unnecessarily, and hence the larger the potential savings are when using a power-controlling device. The same applies with smaller motors if the motor and load are often mismatched.

4. If your appliance is still under warranty, it is best to check your policy to see whether you will still be covered when using a power-controlling device. In most cases this should be fine as power-control devices are very unlikely to cause problems with your appliance.

5. If your device has a very large motor, you may require a three-phase controller. Otherwise you can choose a device anywhere from 220/240 volt-40 amps down to 110/120 volt-15 amps, making sure that you choose the correct rating for your appliance.

A power-control device will cost in the region of 20 to 55GBP, depending on the size of device required. They are sold in the majority of household retail outlets and DIY centres, or you can look online and in mail order catalogues too.

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