How do you deal with constant disappointment?

By: Dr. Jennifer B. Lagrotte, DMFT

While most would prefer life to just be about the positives, life does come with many disappointments. Regardless of age, interests, career and family, disappointment is something that everyone must deal with at one point or another. Some are able to take it relatively well, while others never seem to be able to take it well at all. As much as everyone would like things to go as they plan, life has this way of throwing something unexpected at an individual, just when they thought they had everything lined up perfectly for they path they had chosen. When this happens, this individual will often be left with two choices; the first being to dust themselves off and try another route, or to deny that something is not going to work and try to go the same path with the hope that it will still work out.

It all really depends on what it is that has caused someone their disappointment. If it is something that was not overly important to the individual, then the upset can be relatively small and will pass in a very short time. If, however, it was something that the person had been looking forward to for a long time, it can be something that stays in their mind for a long time. Both of these instances are fairly common and are eventually forgotten. For those who suffer constant disappointment, however, the more they suffer, the more difficult it can become to try and let it go. Constant disappointment is often experienced by those with a parent or loved one who is suffering from a drug abuse, who will promise they can change but never do. It will also often be experienced by those with others, a parent, sibling or significant other, who just never seem able to keep the promises they make. These two general situations are probably the most common, though there are other ways people can constantly find themselves feeling disappointment in their self or their life, especially if they have high expectations or standards for themselves and their future.

Disappointment is a part of life, and something that most have to accept as something that will happen. Life is hardly predictable, despite any efforts to make it so. However, constant disappointment is not normal and something that no one can handle large amounts of. It can lead to stress, depression, lack of trust and a breakdown of relationships if not dealt with. Disappointment is usually a result of something that has happened, something that the individual may have thought should not have happened. Speaking with an online therapist or an online counselor about what is causing such constant disappointment can help a person change their life. The online therapy can help a person determine what they can do in order to change or deal with whatever is causing it. If it is another person or problem, then the online counseling may be able to help a person deal with that other person or problem. Disappointment is a resulting emotion, so the cause will have to be addressed in order to move forward.

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