How can internet logo design companies affect globalization?

By: william benn

Globalization is a broad term, but itís a truth that many people in the world are unaware of the word Ďglobalizationí and what it means? Well Globalization in the simplest way to describe is by an example.
Letís consider a company has a business of selling shoes. That company has outlets in many areas of the world and also has factories in multiple countries. SO, the company works in a way that the shoe laces are made in one country called India, the sole of the shoe is prepared by rubber or leather in a country called South Africa. And the furnishing and packaging of the country are done in Latin America or Mexico. The company then sells these packed shoes in Europe. Here company will be called a Multi National Company because itís selling shoes in multiple companies with branch offices and factories in multiple areas.
Just like that Online Logo design services logo design that have established themselves online, work in the same way. They buy clients from E-lance or other freelancing sites also they have their own marketing methods of SEO and direct website order services for which sales people are online 24/7. The amazing thing of such companies is that they are established in some different countries and are serving their clients from that country by viral services.
For example, an internet logo design company is established in USA and provides services worldwide its clients are mainly from Mexico, Brazil and all over Europe. The company is serving from offices in the USA but at the same time will be placed in GNP as well as GDP of America. Because its development and has a physical presence in America, it gives taxes and bills in the USA, but is generating revenue from other countries, which is foreign currency and will be placed in international revenue from outside the country that is national services outside or GNP.
In this way, not only logo design companies but all other companies who can provide services by internet are providing their services and generating revenue for their own countries and building the economy by being placed in GNP and GDP at the same time.
This was one of the ways in which Internet Logo design companies and other thousands of companies are using the internet to serve people, who lives thousands of miles away. And are also generating money for them and also developing their own economies.

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