How can couples work through financial dificulties?

By: Dr. Jennifer B. Lagrotte, DMFT

When a couple decides to get married and they repeat the part in the vows “for better or for worse,” few will actually think about how that vow could easily be broken with future financial difficulties. It is not uncommon for marriages to fail these days when a couple fall into debt and are unable to keep up with their bills. It is also not uncommon for a couple to not even realize that their worry and concern about their credit rating and their finances is a root cause of their wish to break the relationship. Thoughts rush back to single life when a person felt they had more control over everything in their life, and all of a sudden they start to feel that it would be easier to deal with life as a single person again. The negatives about being single don’t enter the mind and they start to hang onto the positives that could lead them out of the trouble they have gotten into.

Dealing with finances as a couple is not always as easy as one may think. Think about it for a second and one will realize that without some good communication and trust, the bank account can be drained and the credit cards can be maxed out without any idea of where all the money has gone. While communication does play a key role in maintaining good financial records and history, there are other reasons for a couple going into debt. Denying that one is possibly living outside of their means is another common cause of increasing debts and possible bankruptcy. Denial that there might be financial problems that one needs to try and take control of is another reason, as well as disorganization. Many would like to think they are organized, but it can sometimes be confusing when trying to figure out how to keep track of one’s finances. Married couples, especially, can have difficulties in managing their money because there is more than one person using the income for different things.

For anyone looking for someone who can help them learn how to manage their money, there is online counseling available. One doesn’t need to leave their home in order to get the help they need, they only have to log in and search for an online counselor who could help them. Online therapy could help a couple to work on their communication skills within the relationship, as well as learn how to keep track of their money between the two of them. An online therapist can also help a married couple learn how to properly manage their money, as well as live within their means.

It is important to keep in mind that ignoring or denying financial problems will not make it go away; instead, dealing with any financial difficulties sooner than later will increase the chances of an easier road back to a more stable financial life, and help to reduce stresses that could lead to a marital breakup.

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