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Apple has finally made the news official. The next iPhone is going to be introduced on October 4th during one of its typical media events with the location being Apple headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop.

The confirmation comes in the form of the official invite being sent out to selected people Apple likes and wants to attend. You can see what it looks like above.

The message Lets talk iPhone doesnt give much away, but this cant be anything other than the introduction of the iPhone 5. We might also get an iPhone 4S, but the safe bet is Apple sticking with tradition and unveiling a new phone to replace the old one at the top of the tree.

The one piece of evidence that supports just an iPhone 5 being launched is that phone icon in the invite and the very clear 1 in the top right corner. Clearly Apple has been watching the rumors and multiple iPhone launch suggestions, and maybe this is their way of clearing things up. We should expect just one iPhone (5) come October 4.

As for when the next iPhone 5 will become available? It could be just 10 days later on October 14.

There is a new date doing the rounds on the Internet with regards to the launch of the next Apple smartphone. Apparently the iPhone 5 will finally be unveiled on October 4. Thats the date of the next expected Apple media event according to a few unnamed sources close to the situation and trusted by AllThingsD. In other words, its just another rumor, but one we hope is true so we can finally have a solid date to work with.

Such an event will be a very important, if not the most important new product launch for Apple in a long time. Steve Jobs is no longer CEO of the company after resigning from the position last month, and therefore wont be the one presenting the iPhone 5 to a global audience. That task falls to new CEO Tim Cook who will both have to sell the smartphone and prove himself to onlookers as a worthy replacement for Jobs.

The launch of the iPhone 5 is also doubly important for one key reason: competition. Since the launch of the iPhone 4 the competition from Android handsets has got much stronger. Android as an OS is now established and offers a solid alternative to iOS. On the hardware front, we are seeing some quite stunning handsets with the Samsung Galaxy S2 being the pick of the bunch recently.

Whatever Tim Cook pulls out of his pocket on October 4 has to be very special if it is to keep the never ending procession of Android smartphones at bay for another year. As for when we can expect a launch, if the October 4 event happens I expect the phone will be in stores before we hit November.

There seems to be two different camps in terms of the upcoming iPhone 5s body. The first think the iPhone 5 will look almost identical to the iPhone 4, but will have some improvements, like a new antenna design to solve the dropped calls Death Grip problem. Other improvements to the iPhone 4-looking iPhone 5 may be the inclusion of an A5 processor and an 8-megapixel camera. Then theres the second group of people who think the iPhone 5 will have a completely redesigned body.

Weve heard rumors of the iPhone 5 reverting back to a similar design to the iPhone 3G with a curved, ergonomic back. We also heard talk of a tapered design where the bottom of the phone would be thinner than the top part, angling the device when it sits on a flat surface. Reports of a 4.2-inch screen have also been debated, as has an edge-to-edge screen, which left many of us wondering what would happen to the home button. Would it be removed altogether? But then, how would we get back to the main screen without a home button? We think its rather unlikely that the home button will actually be removed, and new photos have appeared that validate our thoughts on the home screen.

The photos, from, show shots of a screen protector that has purportedly been designed for the iPhone 5. Interestingly enough, there is a spot for the home button. In fact, its elongated and resembles the shape of the pills seen in Dr. Mario. Another interesting discovery is that the screen protector is much larger in size than the iPhone 4. So, will the iPhone 5 have a larger, nearly edge-to-edge screen after all?

That being said, creating a dinky film protector isnt the hardest thing in the world to do, so theres a good chance this piece of plastic will not be protecting the screen of the next-gen iPhone. We will have to keep waiting until the iPhone 5 is announced in (possibly) October to see exactly what it looks like.

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