How You Promote Your Affiliate Program ?


Many consider affiliate marketing as the easiest and fastest way to earn money online. But don't be fooled if you think there's no work involved. You CAN earn a 6 figure income through affiliate marketing. But you need to be smart, take action, and most of all you need to make your business unique.

Today I'll point you in the right direction for being smarter and more unique. You're the one who has to take action!

You must have your own website or multiple sites that are yours. I'd recommend you avoid the cookie cutter sites that hundreds of others get for free. Sure... they're easy to implement and convenient. But you'll be shooting your self in the foot. NOT unique.

Quite often your market will need repeated exposure to your marketing message. And you can do that with your own memorable domain name and unique site. Imagine what a potential customer thinks if they have already seen many sites similar to yours? Then it doesn't matter really who they buy from.

Your marketing message gets diluted and you'll only be hurting your own business.

People get bombarded every day by hundreds of ads everywhere they go. So create your own unique ads, banners, whatever you plan to use. It's the same idea behind having your own website.

You NEED to be unique in every way.

In time, or sooner if possible, create one or two of your own products to market to your affiliate list. ( You ARE capturing names and emails and creating your list... right?) If you have difficulties with product creation, you can try getting master rights or resell rights only if you can find something good and NOT old. And then try to make it your own as much as possible. Be creative and you'll see what you can do!

No doubt about it, how you promote your affiliate program and who you get to sell your site is the key to your programís success.

So who makes a good affiliate marketer? Who do you want selling your website?

There is no one better than your own members. Who knows your website better? Who knows the ins and outs and the total benefit of membership? Okay, so your own members are a great place to start but who else?

How about?

Business owners with related but not competitive businesses.

Join affiliate marketing or related forums.

Promote your membership and affiliate program through article marketing.

Seek joint venture partners and contact them individually.

Get current affiliates to recruit new ones by offering a two tier affiliate recruitment incentive.

Hereís what to expect from a great affiliate partner:

Affiliate marketing partners use affiliate programs to make additional revenue from their websites, and each site will likely feature a number of affiliate programs. They use the basic tools you provide for them, but may not put a lot of work into promoting your product.

Super affiliates build a website around your affiliate program and really promote your product. For more details go to www.myspace-marketing-secret.comThey use all the marketing material you provide them to pre-sell your membership site to their customers before they follow the link to your site. They may even have a customer list to promote your product to. Using this type of affiliate results in more sales, but may also require paying them a higher commission.

JV partners provide targeted marketing to their own customer list. You may work with your JV partner to come up with specific offers that will appeal to their particular audience. This customized marketing results in a higher conversion rate often requiring a higher commission.

What tools do you need to provide for your affiliates to succeed beyond your wildest dreams?

A link back to your site and some form of advertising such as banner or side bar.

Detailed information about your product, including selling points, what makes it different from other products, and its value.

Ad copy, free reprint articles, email promos, free brandable reports (which affiliates will brand with their own link), and even a free ebook.

The more tools you give your affiliates the better. For more details visit to www.scroll-pops.comStay in touch with your affiliates and give them tips on how they can improve their sales conversions.

How to keep your affiliates selling and selling and sellingÖ

Letís face it, interest wanes. The initial enthusiasm an affiliate may feel about promoting your product is likely to decline as they find new affiliate programs to join and new exciting products to sell. They may not want to keep on repetitively pushing your membership site to their customers and so their sales performance will inevitably drop.

One way to keep your affiliates selling is to regularly send them new material. Different advertisements, articles to reprint, and new graphics will all add valuable content to an affiliateís website, or give them a reason to promote your product again in their newsletters.

Another way to motivate your affiliates is to:

Run contests.

Pay them well.

Provide them with an abundance of marketing and promotional material.

Get them involved in the community.

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