How You Can Help Students Sort Out Their College And Career And Find College Jobs

By: Jhoana_Cooper

If you are a retiree post-professional, then you are uniquely placed to help high school and college students who are trying desperately to decide what to do with their college and career and college students who are looking for college jobs. As a post-professional, you have been there and done all of that, so you can answer just about any question that someone might have about the company you worked for or the industry in which it operated. Someone with your wealth of experience could be extremely valuable to a company such as UGROWU, and also provide a great service to the bright young minds of tomorrow.

UGROWU specializes in connecting various parties who have never been previously connected in a fashion that allows free and open communication between the parties involved. This is mainly between companies and college students and graduates who are looking for college jobs or their first job after graduating. Too often, companies miss out on young talent simply because there is no proper means of communication between job applicants and companies other than the antiquated method of submitting resumes in hard copy to potential employers.

Instead, UGROWU brings everyone together in one large network, linking students, graduates, and companies together in a single online database and networking tool. Students who register with the website are allowed to post their resumes online for companies to peruse, while company profiles are also made available to students online. In this environment, companies and students are much better able to find what they are looking for in the opposite party.

As a retiree, you can still be useful to your company in helping them to screen and process the resumes of students seeking college jobs and potential employees, as you are uniquely suited to understand exactly what it takes to fashion a successful career in that particular company.

Also, many students have come to rely on UGROWU for information and guidance on their college and career. This is because UGROWU provides a mentoring service, connecting students with professional mentors who are able to give them information and direction when it comes to determining what their college and career will be. You could offer your services to become a part of this group of mentors, helping the bright young talent of tomorrow make the right decisions down the path of college and career, to become the successful workers who will eventually fill your place in the workforce.

This is a great opportunity for you to remain active in the industry that you worked in for so long while still keeping your own hours and your own rates. You can choose to make your services available to your company at a freelancer's rates, and not have to take on any work that you do not want to.

At the same time, you are playing a large part in the development of the next generation of workers who will keep the economy going and the country running. This is certainly a satisfying and fulfilling way to spend your years as a retiree.

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As a post-professional, UGROWU offers you the opportunity to work for your previous company, helping guide students along their path to the right college and career and matching students with appropriate college jobs.

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