How Ugg Boots Grow up

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The ugg boots can date back to World War I. At that time, an Australian pilot use two pieces of
sheepskin wrapped into shoes for keeping warm, and in the sequel these thickheaded shoes were popular in Australia. Initially, they were called ugly boots, because they were just wrapped without any processing, so they were seemed ugly. Afterward, they were called ugg, up to now.

In 1978, an Australian young surf man who called Brian Smith took some shoe which was made by sheepskin to America. In the passed years, the craftsmen in Australia were costumed to make up the sheepskin shoes on the side of New Zealand, nevertheless, this man who had talent to do business try to take these Australian traditional shoes into America. At that moment, he just took several pairs of ugg boots, had his bosom filled with blood and self-confidence, and began to sale his shoes on the street in New York. However, it was unlucky at first, he couldnít sale even one pair of shoes in a day, but he didnít dejected, even maintain that he would succeed with adamancy. He firmly believed that there must be some room for his shoes in American market. Then he decided to move to the west-California to find some chance.

When he got there, he found that there were some people like him, took the familiar sheepskin shoes to sale on the beach. In here he sold forty-eight pairs of shoes to five consumers for the first trading. Of course, it can be said that the upgrowed sport of surfing in California had attracted to these excellent ugg boots which came from Australia. Form this time, ugg boots were necessaries to those people who went to disembark after surfing. And then Brian Smith enrolled the first ugg brand - Ugg Australia in America. Evermore it became popular slowly to all over the world.

The origins of Uggs are disputed, with both Australia and New Zealand claiming to have been the originator of the footwear. Nevertheless, it appears that "fug boots" (surmised to be a shortened form of "flying ugg boots") were used by aviators during World War I, and that they were present in rural regions of Australia during the 1920s.While it is not clear when manufacturing started, by 1933, ugg boots were being manufactured by Blue Mountains Ugg Boots, and Mortals Sheepskin Factory were making the boots from the late 1950s.

In regard to naming, it appears that ugg boots, ugh boots and ugg boots have been used as generic terms for sheepskin boots in Australia and New Zealand since at least the 1970s; although individual accounts have suggested that the terms (or variations thereof) were employed earlier. The 1970s saw the emergence of advertising using the names, but Brian Smith, (who founded Ugg Holdings Inc), has stated that the boots were referred to as "uggs" long before the word was trademarked, and Frank Mortal claims to have been making ugg boots under the "ugg" name since 1958

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