How To Win Back A Lost Love

By: Reina Raine

If you had a breakup with your ex, you may be looking for ways how to win back a lost love. Before you take any action, do you really want to get your ex back. How were things before? How will your relationship be now if you resume the relationship? You may find that the breakup is not all that bad an idea after all. However, if you decide you still want to win back a lost love, then read on to find out how you can win back your ex.
First step is to apologize if you were the one that needs to do it. The apology needs to be sincere and believable. You may think that you had apologized before the breakup, but your ex may not think that it was much of an apology. Especially now that you are not together, the apology will sound more sincere because you have nothing to gain from it at this point of time.
What if it is your ex who should be the one apologizing? Then, the best thing to do would be to forgive if you want to win back a lost love. Trying to get an apology from your ex may just aggravate the matter further.
Forgiving is never easy. You might want to read some materials on forgiveness and how to really mean it. Remember that by not forgiving, you are also hurting yourself. The thought and anger over the hurt you felt will keep playing through your mind again and again. By going through this, you will probably feel much better.
If you do succeed in getting back together with your ex, this will help prevent future problems. Old issues might show up and if you have not truly forgiven, then all the old pain will come rushing back with the possibility of the same problem recurring. Cannot stress enough how important it is to forgive for any hurt caused including the breakup.
To win back a lost love, also think about the kind of person you were whom your ex fell in love with. Are you still the same person? If you are no longer that person, then show the "you" that your ex fell in love with. Show the qualities that your ex loved about you.
The hurt will be there and may show, but make an effort at being the best partner you can be to win back a lost love.
Results may take time. The rift may be wide and it may be a while to win back the trust. Allow your partner time to resolve the situation. It may just drive the person further away. Its best to be just a friend at this stage.
Since you have been in a relationship with this person, you probably will know well what are the situations that you can really help with. Do that without expecting anything. Maybe, one day your ex will realize that breaking up with you was not a smart move.

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When facing a break up, you do not have to be miserable. In fact, you should not. There are many ways of coping with it and even working on getting your ex back if that is what you want. Find more articles containing ideas on how to overcome a breakup at

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