How To Tone Arms When Eating Out-4 Strategies

By: Katherine Crawford M.S.

Trying to tone arms and eating out don't mix. Why? Because your arm fat loves restaurant food. In fact, it grows with restaurant food.
How? Because a restaurant's main goal is to stuff you with so much tasty food that you are compelled to come back for more again and again. And the tasty food usually has the most calories. Unfortunate, but true.
What could possibly be so unhealthy??? Trans fats are a prime example. Soon to be banned in many states, they are absolutely lethal.
However, you should NOT eliminate all restaurant eating. In fact, you should go out every once in a while and control what you eat. After all, eating out forms a large part of how we socialize. Thus, here are 4 rapid-fire tips on how to tone arms when dining out:
1. Eat lean protein. Most protein in restaurants is laden with fat. Stay clear of beef, lamb and pork. And don't even think about the hot dogs or ribs-they have the most fat of all! Instead, try to have some poultry or tofu. Ask the waiter if they have any grass fed beef.
2. Stay clear of all the refined carbs. I know you love digging into that massive loaf of bread the waiter brings out, but we're on an arm toning mission here. And that bread isn't going to do us any good! Instead, stick to whole grains, and if possible, legumes ONLY. Now if you don't have enough self control with the bread, have a salad before the waiter brings it out.
3. Make sure your salad is healthy. What can make a salad unhealthy? A monsoon of dressing and an explosion of cheese. Strive for a salad that has spinach or some type of lettuce mix and make sure that you don't have more than 1 table spoon of dressing. And don't go crazy with the cheese!
4. Don't eat everything that's on your plate, seriously. A single meal at a restaurant can have a whole days worth of calories. Trust me. This is the main reason why your arm fat will love it every time you eat out-it knows it's going to get fed very well. Only eat half of what's on your plate or share it with someone else.
Disclaimer: if you rarely eat out, these tips are less relevant. However, if you eat at restaurants more than once per week, then you should follow the advice in this article. You shouldn't give up socializing when trying to tone arms! So have fun!

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Author Katherine Crawford MS, a Harvard exercise physiologist and recent flabby arms victim, teaches women how to tone arms. Learn how to get sexy and toned arms by visiting her blog about flabby arms now!

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