How To Take Responsibility To Lose Weight

By: Henry M John

You know that you have put on some additional pounds in the past few years. All youíve been doing is eating without regard for what you eat. You have also turned into a couch potato where you sit in front of the television for hours at a time.

Yet, you have not made any changes to do anything about getting rid of those extra pounds. Why? Is it because you have become sedentary and choose to live a life of being overweight? Or is it that you think itís too much to lose weight?

Whatever the case is, eventually you will have to take responsibility for your health. That includes losing the excess weight that you donít need. You can forget about dieting. That just defeats the purpose of trying to lose weight. Dieting is a yo-yo forming merry-go-round cycle of quickly losing weight and gaining it back. That messes up your metabolism.

You have to change your behavior about wanting to lose weight. You have to take responsibility about doing this because it can ultimately lead to other health issues. It is your body and if you want to stay healthy for a long time, changing your behavior is the key to losing weight, and that means learning new habits Ė new slim habits.

For instance, foods that are not good for you, then you need to switch them out with foods that are good for you.

If you have not implemented exercising in a long time, youíll have to start out slow. You will have to gradually work your way up to getting where you need to be. Work on creating an exercise plan just for you. You should include walking and strengthening exercises.

If you need assistance, get someone that is familiar with exercising to help you with it. Itís important that you make changes in your lifestyle to incorporate you taking action and being responsible enough to want to lose weight.

Place focus on getting rid of things that can hinder your progress. Change your behavior to see things differently. You want to see things in a positive light, not continuing to fluctuate. You have to recognize that you need to make a change in your body.

Losing weight should be an important part of your health. You should also work on maintaining permanent weight loss Ė on maintaining those slim habits. It may not be easy at first, but once you start applying the principles, then things will change for you. You wonít see or feel change until you implement change for yourself.

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A Well known speaker, author and commentator on dieting, health problems and behavior change, Henry John has a particular interest in changing behavior through learning new habits He is a part of the Slim Habit team. Learn more about how to lose weight permanently by learning new habits.

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