How To Stop Losing At Online Roulette

By: Ralph Shaw

I am going to take a few moments of your time to speak about why most people lose when they play online roulette. There's no question that online roulette is the most popular online casino game and almost every player ends up losing money.
To understand why people lose you first need to understand the house edge. When you play American roulette the house has an edge of 5.13%. You stand more chance with European roulette where the house edge is only 2.56%.
The house edge is built into the layout of the game because of the green slot or in the case of American roulette there are two green slots hence why the house edge is more with the American game.
I will stick with European roulette for my example. With the house edge being 2.56% that means that over one hundred spins you can expect to lose 2.56 if you were only betting 1 a time. But people lose a whole lot more than this and it is because they play against their odds rather than with them.
Players tend to increase bets after a loss to try and cover all previous losses and this can create the temporary illusion that it will work but all it does is take away the players entire bankroll in one bad losing run.
The best chance players have is to pick red or black and then bet on it with flat bets. What this means is that you never increase your bets after a loss and if the odds run true you can then expect to lose to the house edge only.
Now in reality this will never happen over the course of 100 spins it is highly unlikely that you will get the same number of reds and blacks with two or three zeros breaking them up. This can be used to your advantage. On a lucky night your colour could come up more than the other.
So long as you play with the odds as much in your favour you won't be stung too badly. Many people have gone bankrupt at the roulette tables trying to device a system. Roulette should be played for fun and entertainment and should never be seen as a business.

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