How To Relieve Pain And Redness From Sunburn

By: aloevella

A day at the beach can be a blast, but the last thing you want to bring home from your vacation is a painful, fried body that hurts with even the lightest touch. Sure, you should have re-applied sunscreen and spent a little more time under that giant umbrella in the sand, but whatís done is done. Instead of telling you what you woulda-shoulda-coulda done to prevent your predicament, letís get that aching skin some relief with these ways to heal a sunburn fast.

First things first: as soon as possible, pop an aspirin to dull the pain, then drink a few glasses of water to get your body rehydrated. To heal a sunburn, you need to take extra care to cool the skin, and you can start from the inside out. If you feel hot to the touch, you can wet a soft cloth or towel, and apply the cool cloth to the skin ó no need to wring it out. As needed, re-wet and re-apply until the skin isnít so hot. If you donít have a towel, you can use an article of clothing or ice packs that have melted slightly. Do not apply ice directly onto the burn.

If the skin isnít broken or blistering, the next step is to soothe the angry redness. An aloe vera healing gel is the most common way to reduce the appearance of the burn, and it also calms the burning sensation. Re-apply the healing gel as needed over the next few days until the burn is gone; using a healing gel greatly speeds the healing process though, so it may only take a day or two.

In addition to the healing gel, you can relieve redness by brewing a few teabags and then letting them cool, and laying the bags directly onto the skin. If youíre still in pain from the burn, a lukewarm oatmeal bath will provide relief and help with how to heal a sunburn faster. As your sunburn begins to heal, put as little pressure as possible on the affected areas and wear light clothing that doesnít weigh on skin.

Once youíre able to comfortably touch the affected area again without any pain, begin using a natural skin cream over the area. Burned skin is often dehydrated, and even if youíre chugging water, you still need to apply moisture to the exterior of your body. A natural product is the best face lotion for women that you can find, because natural skin lotion allows sunburns to continue the healing process and wonít sting. Instead, your body will feel relief. Hopefully with these steps for how to heal a sunburn faster, your skin will look and feel cooler and less painful.

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