How To Rebound After a Layoff

By: Chuck R Stewart

The year 2009 will forever be known as the time our nation entered into a recession. The poor economy and the effects of that downward spiral have been felt from the wealthiest CEO's of Fortune 500 companiesstraight to the cashier at the local Wal-Mart. Americans are losing their jobs at a horrible rate and no one is really sure when it will get better. Huge automakers like General Motors and Chrysler have had to let thousands and thousands of workers go because their cash flow is so low. For the first time they are seeing the reality of completely collapsing as a company.
The one area of business that seems to be growing, however, are some smaller companies that have recently began. They are avoiding the middle man in several instances and the owners are having a direct relationship with their customers. DPO's are becoming more widely used than IPO's today as well. A DPO is a direct offering to private placement businesses rather than an IPO that is the Initial Public Offering and are a lot more challenging for small companies to obtain.
This article will give you ideas on how to get your new smaller company started and things to think about before you make your final decision to do so. With a large amount of Americans out of work, they are now starting to think of how they can makemoney by owning their own business. Often the best ideas come from people that felt a need for a particular thing in their communities as a general consumer.
One terrific example is of a couple in Denver. They both were let go from their jobs and had three small children living in one of the fastest growing suburbs of Denver in Douglas County. Just about every home in their community over almost 100,000 people had one or more children. One thing the wife had grown frustrated with was the chore of taking her young kids to get their haircuts every 4-6 weeks. She did not want to spend $35 at a nice salon that frowned down at the kids if they got loud and she got very tired of having to attempt to keep her kids busy at the less expensive places that usually had hour long waits. She felt the real need as a mother to start a children's hair salon in that community. She had salon working experience or anything like it but felt the need for one in her community. So, she opened Jack and Jill's and as soon as it opened, it was a great success. They have now opened another one in Denver due to their great success and figuring out a need for a business intheir town.
Hopefully, you can have the same success with starting your small business as well. Just find a need in the right location and then do a lot of research|research, research, research in how to get it going. The internet is a great resource in finding out some of this information.

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Chuck Stewart found that a ipo was one of the most efficient ways to raise money.He discovered that through traditional means private placement is expensive and difficult to obtain.

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