How To Prevent Yeast Infection

By: Rebecca Wincup

Despite what you may have been told about yeast infection, there are some simple, easy to follow tips to prevent yeast infection. And preventing this common condition can significantly improve your life in terms of stress and physical discomfort when dealing with. Preventing yeast infection can be easy and straightforward but very effective too when followed closely.
Almost everyone has a micro-organism known as the Candida albicans fungus in their bodies. An increased growth of this micro-organism is typically what causes yeast infections. Most fungi including Candida flourish in a moist and warm environment. You can decrease your risk of developing a yeast infection by keeping yourself clean and dry at all times.
There are some things that you should avoid so that a yeast infection does not occur. Avoid wearing wet clothing, such as bathing suits, for extended periods of time. Don't wear tight pants, leotards or spandex. Clothing that fits tightly can trap moisture while cutting off air circulation, creating a perfect environment for the growth of yeast. Also, tight clothing may make you uncomfortable and cause you to pull and scratch at the area, thereby causing more problems.
A good tip to prevent yeast infections is to avoid certain types of fabrics in the clothes you wear. Nylon material in your underwear isn't something you want to have. Similarly, stay away from pantyhose. If you must wear them, be sure to wear cotton underwear under them. Cotton is ideal as it is a natural fabric which lets your skin breathe and wicks away any moisture.
It is important to keep the genital area clean and dry. Drying the vaginal area after bathing will help to discourage the growth of the Candida fungus. Also, using anything in the genital area that contains perfumes or dyes (such as deodorant sanitary pads or tampons, feminine sprays, colored toilet paper) may cause or aggravate yeast infections. Therefore, it would be wise to avoid these products whenever possible.
Often, a yeast infection occurs when taking antibiotics. Medical reasons may necessitate the use of them, but it's possible a healthier way of living, including what you eat, and paying more attention to regular exercise may prevent the using them. Be sure to ask your physician about this to see if this is possible. Another tip to prevent yeast infection is to eat yogurt at least once a day as it contains active cultures that can aid with bacterial balance.
A concluding tip is to be more aware of your eating habits. Yeast infection can occur or be inflamed if your diet is high in foods which are predominantly made up of carbohydrates and sugar. You will have a reduced risk of yeast infection if you stick to fresh foods such as vegetables and fruits. Avoid foods that are mainly simple carbohydrates, like cookies, cakes and sodas. Also eat raw foods separately from cooked foods. If you eat these foods together, it could lead to fermentation before they are digested. When the food ferments, it encourages bacterial growth which adds to the bacteria that already exist.

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