How To Prevent Sore Nipples

By: Carlie Edwards

FACT: As you may have guessed, sore nipples are the number one reason that women quit breastfeeding their babies. How do you avoid this? Prevention!

You need to know that many women avoid breastfeeding their newborns simply because they are afraid they will suffer from sore nipples. The most difficult period of nursing is during the first few days and weeks as you are forming a relationship with your newborn. You're most likely tired from the lack of sleep and if this is your first breastfeeding experience, you could be struggling to find the right positioning for your baby during feeding time. You may also feel aphrensive about what to expect during a feeding session. Any and all of these anxieties can lead to sore nipples. Prevention is the key to avoiding sore nipples before it starts.

One of the best ways to prevent sore nipples is to get your baby positioned properly. There are several different positions that you can choose from. The cradle hold, cross-cradle hold, the football or clutch hold, or nurse your baby while you are both lying down. Regardless of which position you choose, there are some things you need to do to be sure that both of your are in a comfortable position.

Find a comfy place at home where you'll do most of your breastfeedings. Make sure YOU are comfortable before you ever start breastfeeding your baby. You should use a nursing pillow. If you don't have one it's highly recommened that you get one! If for some reason you decide against a nursing pillow, at least have other pillows lying around, just in case. You need to be supporting your back, your arms and your feet. After you get comfortable and are ready to start feeding, try to have someone available that will be able to bring your baby to you, during your first few nursing sessions. Your baby needs to be close to you. It doesn't matter which position you decide to use, just be sure your baby's mouth and nose are facing your breast. Your baby should not have to turn his/her head to find and/or reach your breast. Check to be sure your breast is not pushing against baby's chin, your baby's chin should push on you, not the other way around. During each nursing session you'll need to support your breast. Do this by cupping your hand into the "U" or "C" shape. Getting your baby to latch on is the final step in the nursing process. If you feel that your baby has a bad latch at any point during the nursing session, you should detach your baby and try again. This is the best way to avoid sore nipples, get a good latch. When you're sure your baby is well latched, you can nurse as long as your baby wants.

If you feel the need to detach your baby, always remember to do this very gently as that can also cause sore nipples. Here are a couple of ways to gently break the seal without causing any damage to your or to your baby.

-Gently tug on your babys chin.

-Another way would be to try inserting your pinky finger into the corner of your babys mouth and use a sweeping motion, pulling your breast out of babys mouth. Remember, always have cleans hands before you put your fingers into your babys mouth.

-Another way would be to press down on your breast where it meets your babys mouth.

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