How To Prevent Pimples In Just 14 Days

By: Felix G. Schmieder

Do you find yourself wondering how some people can have great looking skin no matter what they do or eat?  They must have some secret method for how to prevent pimples, right?  Well after tons of searching high and low, I've finally figured out what sets those people apart from acne sufferers like us and I also found out how you can completely eliminate your breakouts in just 2 weeks.
So what is acne and what can we do about it?  There are a few explanations about acne.  Most say something like "Acne is formed when a hair follicle becomes clogged with excess oil or dead skin" or they might say "Acne is formed when bacteria feeds on the excess oil and dead skin on our face, causing the body to react and try to stop the bacteria."  These are usually accompanied by an ugly picture of a pimple forming.  People will generally say the best way how to prevent pimples is to control either the bacteria, oil, dead skin or all of the above.
Most experts will also agree that acne isn't linked to your diet or any other internal causes.  They look at two people who eat the same foods; one has acne, the other doesn't.  They therefore conclude that there are no internal factors that contribute to acne and then say the best way how to prevent pimples lies in chemicals applied to our skin.
Herein lies the biggest problem for acne sufferers.  These experts are perpetuating tons of misinformation that are keeping people from becoming clear.  Have you ever noticed that you have a friend who get's sick often?  Or maybe someone who has a lot of migraine headaches?  Maybe someone you know doesn't sleep very well.  Well that's the exact reason why you and your friends can eat the same exact foods, but you're the only one with acne.
Everyone's body react differently to different things, as ANYONE would tell you.  We're all unique.  It's important that you realize this so you can finally start learning how to prevent pimples the right way.  You don't want to be stuck with them forever, do you?  Of course not, no one wants that.  So what can you do?
As I mentioned before, we all react differently.  All of these reactions are the body's way of telling you "I need some help!"  While you're breaking out, your friend is having migraines and someone else is calling out from work because they're sick again.  Our bodies are in trouble because every day they're being bombarded with chemicals that it doesn't know how to deal with.  There are currently 300 chemicals in the human body that didn't even exist 50 years ago.
The best way how to prevent pimples and to help your body is actually pretty simple.
1.)  Cut out foods like dairy, red meat, white sugar, hydrogenated oils and white carbs
2.)  Exercise 4-5 days a week
3.) Drink plenty of water and eat more natural foods like green, leafy vegetables and fruits
By taking these three simple steps, you can eliminate virtually all of your breakouts in just 2 weeks.  Your body will begin dealing with the overabundance of toxins in its system and then it will turn its focus onto your skin, healing it naturally and clearing it up.
By using this type of method for how to prevent pimples, I found that I could finally stop throwing my money away on all of those chemical products that only made my skin look and feel worse than it already was.

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