How To Prevent Pimples - 5 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Acne Lies

By: Felix G. Schmieder

We've all been there before; you want to know how to prevent pimples, stop breakouts, get rid of acne and get completely clear skin.  The only problem is that we've all been working with flawed and bad information.  We think if we smear a ton of chemicals on our face, we'll get cured.  Never mind the dry, flaky and itchy skin or the hundreds of dollars we're spending.
What if I told you there was a ton of lies being told about acne and the only real way to stop breakouts is to break down these lies, follow the tried and true advice to get rid of acne and get the completely clear skin that you deserve.  Well here the lies and how you can counter them.
1.) Wash daily to stop breakouts.  Anyone who tells you to wash your face doesn't know a thing about how to prevent pimples.  Washing can actually cause more breakouts
2.)  Bacteria causes acne.  Many people would agree that to get rid of acne, you have to get rid of the bacteria that causes it.  Here's the thing: everyone has the same bacteria on their face, there must be some reason certain people get acne and other don't.
3.)  Dead skin and oil cause acne.  Other might say the best way how to get completely clear skin is exfoliate dead skin and control oil.  This is getting a bit warmer, but they're still way off.  What's causing acne sufferers from having all this excess dead skin and oil?
4.)  There's no one way how to prevent pimples.  Run, don't walk when you hear this.  The next sentence you hear will probably include some sort of newly found miracle product.
5.)  Acne starts from the inside and everything else we experience is just a symptom of this internal problem.  OK this one isn't a lie, this is the honest truth.
We hear so often that there's no way to stop breakouts, or there's no link between diet and acne that we pretty much assume they're true.  If they get repeated so much, they must be true, right?
Acne is curable and it most definitely begins inside of you.  The best way how to prevent pimples is to stop buying those useless chemicals and stop listening to the useless doctors who only insist on treating your acne symptoms instead of the real problems.  Get rid of acne from the inside out and you'll finally have the completely clear skin you deserve.

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Once you learn how to prevent pimples the right way, you'll finally see how much time and money has been wasted on the useless treatments who's only purpose is to keep us buying over and over again. Discover more about how to prevent pimples and finally get the clear complexion that you deserve.

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