How To Prevent Oily Skin In The Summer

By: aloevella

Itís inevitable that as soon as you get your skin looking great and get used to the skin care routine that made it that way, the season changes and itís back to square one. Back to figuring out the best moisturizer for dry skin in the winter, or why your forehead is so oily for no good reason in the summer. If you find that your skin gets greasy in the summertime, even when you take care of your skin meticulously, hereís how to keep the breakouts at bay and reduce your skinís shininess.

Because of the heat, sweat and humidity that are common in the summer, a shiny face isnít always easy to prevent. That sheen is made up of sebum, or oil that your pores produce, and if itís not taken care of, it can cause your pores to clog and develop pimples. You can take steps for healing acne, but learning how to prevent acne from happening at all is better than figuring out how to treat adult acne once youíve got it.

To keep the sheen at bay, make sure to wash your face every morning and evening, so you can start with a clean face. (Forgetting to wash means youíre more likely to struggle with blemishes, plus having yesterdayís dried sweat and grime on your face in the morning is never a good feeling!) Use a proper face wash and dry your face completely.

When applying makeup, you can use an oil-control product underneath it, but if your skin type is normally dry, your skin may be producing too much oil to compensate for your dry skin. In this case, you should use your best moisturizer for dry skin, usually a light topical gel or mild cream formula, or a moisturizer for acne prone skin if you are working on preventing or healing acne. Then apply your makeup as normal. If you typically wear liquid foundation, you may consider switching to a powder formula for the summer, as the powder is more likely to absorb oil so it wonít sit on your face. If you find your forehead gets shiny rather quickly, you may want to apply the powder slightly thicker than its normally thin layer, but be sure to blend it in well so it doesnít show!

Once your makeup is all done and youíre out the door, you should be good. But if you have oily skin, you may still need to take care of a small bit of sheen throughout the day. Oil-blotting sheets are perfect for this, because you can pat away the oil without messing up your perfectly made-up face. You can purchase oil-blotting sheets at drugstores, or in a pinch, you can use tissue paper or the toilet-seat-covers you find in public restrooms ó theyíre both made of similar materials that help sop up extra oil and keep your face looking fresh.

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