How To Prevent Hair Fall And Dandruff Problem With Natural Remedies?

By: Abram Wilson

The problem of dandruff can be seen in more than 50 percent of people in Western Europe and America. The problem is more common in men as compared to women. Exposure to pollutants or certain chemicals and skin irritants can also cause formation of dandruff. Dandruff mostly happens due to skin infections and yeast build-up on the scalp. The problem can be controlled by increasing moisture level of scalp and by protecting the scalp skin from infections. There are many chemical-based shampoos and hair creams which are high in chemicals, and these types of shampoos cause dryness of the scalp that increases the formation of flakes of skin on the scalp and causes itching of the skin. The skin suffers from irritation and sometimes, infections, along with dryness. The problem of dandruff can also happen when the skin renews itself. Many of us want to know how to prevent from hair fall and dandruff caused by exposure to pollutants?

To find out how to prevent from hair fall and dandruff one needs to identify the real causes and symptoms? Dandruff is, sometimes, believed to be a condition where the skin renewal process takes place and as the number of dead cells increase, the cells get together and it becomes big so it is visible through naked eye. The flakes of dandruff can appear to be oily and the skin may feel tight or itchy.

The person having dandruff can also suffer from soreness and tingling. The skin surface may get greasy, patchy and reddish in color. The formation of scales and crusting of scalp skin can aggravate the problem. The problem can be harmless but, sometimes, infection to the scalp can cause itchiness and hair loss. The problem is also related to stress factor and it can worsen when somebody is stressed. Some theories state that when the immune system overreacts it can cause the formation of dandruff. The problem aggravates when one wears a hat or covers the head with helmet. The production of yeast on scalp can increase as the scalp is covered. The direct exposure of scalp to sunlight can protect the condition and prevent the formation of dandruff. The problem of dandruff can grow in people who use certain hair products high in chemicals.

People having dandruff have the yeast Malassezia on their skin of scalp, which is a tiny fungus which normally grows on skin. The fungus produces oleic acid and these results in the formation of dandruff. It is very difficult to remove such yeasts from skin but it can be easily washed away by taking natural remedies for hair fall and dandruff because natural remedies for hair fall and dandruff contains certain rare herbs which have the power to kill fungal infections on skin, and prevent the depletion of natural oil and moisture level from the scalp.

Natural remedies for hair fall and dandruff that can protect scalp from the effects of harmful chemicals and pollution is Hylix Lotion. Natural remedies for hair fall and dandruff provides the best answers to people who want to know how to prevent from hair fall and dandruff in a safe manner.

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