How To Prepare A Checklist While Buying A House?

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It is a disappointing situation, when one moves into a newly purchased house and begins to find so many things that need repairs. Plumbing, electrical work, mold and other damages significantly reduce the joy that one gets while moving into a new home. You can either get an inspector to carry out a complete check-up or you can keep your eyes open for some tell tale signs that identify serious living hazards, some of which are mentioned below -
The most common problem faced by homeowners is the presence of mold. Most of the lawsuits against homeowners are usually because of the presence of mold. Keep your eyes open to identify any signs of mold in the property.
Improperly constructed gutters are one of the main causes of mold. The water that pours onto the walls from the gutters allows the growth of damaging mold, which can destroy your walls. See that the house you buy does not have broken or damaged gutters.
Mud on the walls
Excess water that flows onto the walls from gutters often stains the walls with mud. This mud accumulates on the outside of the wall and creates an untidy appearance.
Plants close to the home
Plants that are too close to the house can often lead to trapped moisture in the walls which damages them. The roots of trees can damage the foundation of the structure which can create a significant security risk. All vegetation should be at least eighteen inches away from outer wall of the building.
Foundation vents
A good way to prevent wood rot and mold problems is by allowing passage for air. This requires the home to have a crawlspace which can be used for foundation ventilation. If the vents are blocked up by any reason, then it can lead to severe problems for the structure.
Sump pump
Sump pumps are devices that are used to pump out excess water. If you see a house that has a sump pump, then it signifies that the house has the problem of water retention. This water retention can lead to severe problems of termites and mold. Avoid any house that has sump pumps.
Yard drainage
Check and see if there are ample avenues for proper yard drainage, otherwise most of the water will be directed back into the house and cause structural damage.
Attic vents
Check and see whether the attic vents are working properly or it could lead to excessive heat and a stuffy feeling.
White crust on basement walls
By keeping your eyes open you can identify signs which point to severe problems that can take place. An accumulation of white crust on the basement walls is a sign of water problems. The white crust accumulates as water evaporates over a long time.
Water spots
Water spots are a clear cut sign that points to the growth of mold. This issue should be addressed immediately as it prevents a buildup of mold.
In case this is too much information to handle, then the best thing to do is hire an experienced home inspector to address all the problems. An inspector can give you an unbiased report on the condition of the property that you mean to purchase. This will help you in avoiding sales that would require many repairs after the purchase. For buying any property in Sunny Heights or for information on Imperial Apartments contact us at our office

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For buying any property in Sunny Heights or for information on Imperial Apartments contact us at our office

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