How To Overcome Depression During Menopause

By: Dr.Scott Pendergraft

Unmanaged menopause condition can wreak havoc in a womanís world. Not only hormonal changes but postmenopausal women go through a series of changes that can stimulate stressors that can drive women to depression. What you need to understand is temporary passive depression is normal after menopause but it is not a part of aging. If you are feeling depressed continuously after menopause you should immediately seek treatment.
These are some ways that will help you to overcome depression and manage it easily.
Recognize the problem
First step towards treating depression is to recognize that you are depressed. Donít live in denial. Medically depression is defined as a constant feeling of hopelessness, rejection and sadness. It is not just a mood but a medical condition that needs attention and treatment.
Familiarize yourself to depression by reading about the condition and consulting with experts. Also reaching out to know more about the condition will bring you in contact with stories and live of other women who face the same condition. This will help you understand that you are not alone or isolated.
See a therapist
Once you recognize that you are depressed after menopause doesnít shy away from seeking help of a professional therapist. The therapists are specially trained professionals who help people to work through their depression and see their problems more clearly.
Address stress in your life
Of all conditions associated with menopause, stress is the one that magnifies the danger of depression most. You should work on removing on all sources of stress from your body. Mostly women find it impossible to entirely remove sources of stress but they should learn how to handle them better. Easiest is to take up a hobby that help releasing stress like practicing yoga, meditating, journaling or joining hobby groups.
Exercise regularly
I cannot stress enough on the importance of a physically active lifestyle for releasing stress. Experts suggest that working out for 30 minutes a day can help women during postmenopausal years to boost overall well bring. For such women exercise functions as a strong antidepressant.
Let people help
Menopause often drives women to isolate themselves. You should try to get out of that vicious cycle and open up to your family and friends. Try to reach them and spend time with people you love engaging in activities you enjoy.
At the same time you should not over do it. Allow yourself some time alone. Donít force yourself to be happy and to be around people all time. It is not a bad idea to spend time in your own company once in a while.
Seek medical advice
If all the above methods fail or partially manage the depression caused due to menopause it is highly recommended that you seek medical help. Consulting a doctor will help diagnosing the actual cause of depression. A doctor might also be able to prescribe medication to correct hormonal imbalances that result from menopause.
As a rule remember that depression after menopause is not normal. If you have any sort of self harming thought immediately seek medical advice.

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