How To Make Your Article An Seo Optimized Article?

By: douglas jandersons

SEO articles are very much popular these days. If you will take a closer look, there are a number of businessmen who are going into this kind of promotional means. However, SEO article writing is very much different from regular article writing.
SEO articles are written to become optimized to the search engines. This optimization means that the article will be on a higher page rank every time a search query related to it was done. And there are three parts of the articles that you have to focus on in order to make it an SEO optimized article.

It is very much important for you to optimize the articleís title as it is the first thing that the search engine recognizes. If you want your article to increase its chances of being shown on the upper page rank, it is better if you are going to put the keywords in the title. The search engine will recognize your article as the most relevant to the readersí search query.
At the same time, optimizing the title will also increase the chances of the readers to pick your article. Once they see that the keywords are in your title, they would immediately read on to your article. Because of this, you are going to start attracting clients to your business.

- Article Body or Content
Aside from the title, the contents of your article are also being recognized by search engines in order to show it on the search results. With this, it is important for you to utilize or insert the correct keywords in its right amount or density. As much as possible, place in the keywords on the first part of the articles and at least several times within the whole article. You also have to check the guidelines of article directories about the percentage of keywords that they allow. If you will use the keywords more than the allowed value, the article might not be approved or be labeled as a spam. It is also going to be advantageous if you will mention the keywords at the conclusion so the readers will easily remember your article.
There is also some article writing style that uses different keywords or play with the keywords. In this way, your article will have a greater chance of showing up to search engines because of different keyword search queries.

- Resource Box
The part where you can introduce yourself and your business is called the resource box. You can put the keyword also and link it to your business. In this way, the searcher will not look anywhere for the services or product that they need. They will just click on your link and be your potential client.
These are only some tips that you can use in SEO optimized article writing. And if you are looking for an SEO article writing service, it is important for you to know whether they knew this information or not. In this way, you will not lose your money on low quality and not SEO optimized articles.

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