How To Make A Newsletter. Easy Ways To Kill Your Newsletter And How To Avoid Them.

By: Vitaly Gritsenko

Write your newsletters with spam filters in mind.
Spam is a fact of life and huge infrastructure investments are made to combat the spam. Each mail box has some form of spam filtering in one way or another. Some are more complex, others are very simple, but I would say that you can bet, that all of your messages will pass through a spam filter. If you use those sleazy phrases like Free money, Work from home, Get rich quick and other, you significantly increase your chances to get flagged by anti spam programs. Some may not catch it, others will, so it is very hard to spot during your testing.
Do not hard sell.
Try to be less of a salesman and more of a friend to your clients. Do you know any sales people that recently joined some hot multilevel marketing scheme and are trying to sign up just everybody they can get their hands on? Do you know why do people stop inviting them to any social gatherings? You will sound just like that with a regular push-for-sale newsletter. The difference is, with face to face, some people feel uncomfortable just turning and leaving, while with email, everyone just loves that delete button. Provide some useful content for your clients and make it really useful, not some junk. Consider this. You write your newsletter once. It does not cost you much to send it to everybody. It's not like moving heavy objects from place A to place B, your computer does all the work. So why not share a good, genuine newsletter? Some good article?
When you get to send email newsletter, do not send it too fast.
Sending too fast may trigger some of those complicated security and anti spam filters. The thing is, you may get caught by some very sophisticated filters (in our case, most of large email providers have it). It measures any unnatural patterns and temporarily or permanently blocks your IP. Sending millions of emails per day may be natural for hotmail, yahoo or Google, but it is not natural for you. If you send too much, too fast, they will block you.
Always set realistic deadlines and keep them.
You may even want not to set any deadlines at all. For example if you promised a weekly newsletter, deliver it once a week only. People are getting used to systemic patterns and their subconscious mind will expect your newsletter on that day. Also, if you promise something, deliver it or do not promise it at all. It is OK not to promise something. It's your own business and you do not owe anything to anyone, but if you promise something, you will be surprised just how many people will remember it. It is better not to commit to something before you are sure you will be able to do it.
Your content must be useful to your clients.
One of the most important factors in knowing how to make a newsletter is knowing how to write good content for your users. Take time and research your field. Be very specific and research your field thoroughly. Remember that whatever is out on the Internet, cannot be deleted from there. Whatever you send or publish will stay. People can read it at any moment and make judgements about your site or email newsletter based on just one email. Naturally, you will have to practice to become an expert. Whatever you train will develop. That is always the case. I remember my first article sucked so much, I could not read it myself. After a few months, it sucked less and less. It is more of an art and there is no guaranteed ways to do this, but a few tips are:
* Only discuss what your client wants to hear. Step out of yourself a bit into the shoes of your client.
I know that your new partnership with ABC company seems all important to YOU, but what do I care? How does it help me?
Of course, you can mention that somewhere in your newsletter, but only as a supporting argument to support your main theme.
* Write small paragraphs, one or two sentences long.
* Try to pack as much benefits for your user as you possibly can into your newsletter. Do not write anything at all, if you cannot add any value to your client by each and every newsletter you send.

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Learn how to make a newsletter from Vitaly Gritsenko, a prominent software designer that built his email marketing software for more than 10 years.

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