How To Make A Gift To Say Thank You

By: Chase Cantrell

The secret to making someone the perfect thank you gift is to match the value and meaning of the gift as appropriately as possible with how well you know the person. Taking extra efforts to make a gift that has or contains something you know the person will love will earn you extra brownie points. The great thing about gift making is that it's the sentiment, not the value, that will matter the most. Here are some creative ways to say thank you without breaking the bank.

Make A Thank You Card

The secret to making a lovely thank you card is buying extremely high-quality card stock from an art shop. It needn't cost the earth but by choosing a heavyweight card in a colour, pattern or design that you know the recipient will love get's you half-way there before you've even left the shop. Hand-writing with a fountain pen sets the right tone and it's easy to illustrate a card even if you can't draw. Many art and gift shops sell elaborate stickers; some even rest on small foam pads to elevate them off the surface of the card. Showing the person that they mean enough to you for you to make a card means a whole lot more than any shop-bought one.

Make A Flower Display

It helps if you know the recipient's favourite flowers so if you don't know you can ask any of their friends for help. Choosing flowers according to the season or the kind of mood you want to create (such as relaxation or indulgence) are good alternatives. Although it's quicker and easier to let the florist create you a bunch of flowers to suit your requirements, it is possible to create a beautiful display for someone to say thank you. It needn't cost a fortune; you can create a beautiful display out of supermarket flowers.

Choose a colour theme and don't have too many differently coloured flowers. Next, buy an inexpensive jug and small pot as your base. Cut the flower stems so that the flowers start right at the top of the jug and you don't see the stems. You can add volume to your display by stretching the stems across the base instead of having them stick straight up. Build your arrangement in layers, starting with the leafy plants first so that the flowers really stay where you want them. The great thing about supermarket flowers is that they last a really long time so you'll get a great thank you gift for less than the price of a florist's bouquet.

Say Thank You With A Hamper

It's very easy to buy your own basket, paper, bows and ribbons to create a custom hamper for someone you want to say thank you to. It's a powerful way to thank someone but you need to know them quite well. By filling the basket with things you know the person likes, you'll create a memorable gift for a fraction of the price of a store-bought one.

When choosing products, it's all too easy to create an unappealing mess, so think of a theme or a part of the world that you know the recipient has visited and loves. Choosing a variety of items around a particular theme is a sure-fire way to say thank you effectively. To build your hamper, simply line the basket with expensive gift paper, begin with the largest, heaviest items at the bottom in the center and layer the smaller items on top so they are more visible. Wrapping with cling film will keep everything in place and ensure that the person you want to thank has a memorable experience receiving the hamper.

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