How To Lower Down High Blood Pressure With Herbal Supplements?

By: Gordon R Santo

The problem of high blood pressure is commonly seen in people who are overweight or are not active enough. It is also linked to intake of alcohol or certain types of medicines. But sometimes, the problem is visible in people who are not obese and are very active in life. One of the noticeable symptoms of high blood pressure in normal looking people is blood spots in the eyes. People who suffer from diabetes as well as high BP normally have blood spots in eye, although, the condition where one gets floaters in eyes is not related to it. There are many other symptoms of high BP that can be noticed in people externally and people who want to know how to lower down high blood pressure can identify the symptoms and various lifestyle factors linked to it to regulate it.

The popular method of treatment for the condition does not guarantee a risk free and complete long-term treatment for the condition of high blood pressure. Many people in the age of 20 to 40 are exposed to risk factors that can cause high BP, and these risk factors and symptoms can be easily controlled by taking herbal supplements.

How to lower down high blood pressure using herbal supplements?

Stresx capsules are one of the most reliable and globally acknowledged herbal remedies which can help in regulating the problem of high BP in a safe manner. The herbal remedy contains many powerful herbs which are rich in phyto-compounds. For example -

The remedy contains the herb Bacopa monnieri which can improve cognition and reduce anxiety. The herb interacts with dopamine and serotonergic which can promote neuron communication and it can increase the rate at which the nervous system communicates with the nerve endings. The herb is mostly given to people who lack motivation in life as it is a stimulant and increases brain power in a natural manner. The regular intake of herb helps in increasing the speed of information flow in human body. The herb helps in reducing stress and is a great solution for those who want to know how to lower down high blood pressure using herbal supplements.

In a study, it was found that the herbal extract of Bacopa monnieri was able to regulate stress and anxiety in laboratory rats and it was equally effective as American ginseng (Panax quniquefolium) when the amount 100 mg per kg was given. When a dose of 40 mg per kg of herb was given to laboratory rats the herb was able to decrease systolic and diastolic blood pressure which was independent of heart rate and vasodilation. This reduction in blood pressure was related to the release of Bacoside A3 and Bacopaside II. And it was also linked to the release of nitric oxide in the endothelium. There are many other herbs in the capsules which when taken in regulated doses and mixed in appropriate levels with the other herbs helps in reducing blood pressure in a natural and risk free manner. Hence, the natural remedy provides the best answer to people who want to know how to lower down high blood pressure.

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